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airplus adds crash recorders to its catalogue
Weighing in at around one kilo, Hensoldt's LCR is amongst the lightest of crash recorders. airplus is now a distribution partner for the 100 and 200 versions and is in the process of obtaining EASA Cessna Caravan STC.
Hensoldt's LCR is amongst the lightest of crash recorders.

airplus and Hensoldt have come to an agreement on the sale and distribution of civil aviation products.

Based at Friedrichshafen airport in Germany, airplus provides a wide variety of services to European and international customers. In addition to equipping special mission aircraft, it provides one-stop-shop services for private and commercial piston, turbine and jet aircraft; issues EASA certifications as a development and production company; and sells spare parts to international partners.

“We are delighted to become Hensoldt's partner in distributing its brand new and state-of-the-art ED155-compliant LCR100 and LCR200 crash recorders,” says COO Florian Kindzorra.

Hensoldt's newly developed Lightweight Crash Recorder (LCR) combines all recording functions, including cockpit voice, flight data and image recording, in a crash-protected memory. Previously these were distributed over several devices to record data such as flight altitude and direction, engine temperature and speed as well as the pilots’ voices. The fact that it weighs only about a kilogramme means that Hensoldt's LCR is the lightest of its kind in the market.

“airplus’ expertise in systems integration and its experience in getting approval for customised solutions are optimal preconditions for successful cooperation,” adds Hensoldt head of avionics Stefan Kolditz.

At present, airplus is in the process of obtaining an EASA STC for the first aircraft types. It is expected that the LCR100 will be approved for installation in the Cessna 208 Caravan at the end of 2019 and will then by validated by the FAA.

airplus Maintenance performs maintenance, repair and overhaul of business and general aviation aircraft. It holds an EASA design, production and maintenance approval and is specialised in VIP solutions and special missions. The company has a large hangar for midsize aircraft and a larger wide body hangar for aircraft up to B737 size. Its experienced and highly qualified technicians offer maintenance, inspections, parts, repairs, avionic upgrades, equipment installations, modifications, refurbishments and other specialised services.

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