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Tecnam introduces airframe and engine hourly maintenance
Protection from unforeseen and unscheduled maintenance expenses can now be purchased by US and Canadian buyers of Tecnam aircraft, whether new or in service.
Tecnam Airframe and Engine Hourly Cost Maintenance Program” in partnership with PistonPower™

Tecnam US has partnered with PistonPower to offer the Tecnam Airframe and Engine Program on all new delivered aircraft, as well as all in-service Tecnam aircraft, through its authorised dealers and authorised service centres in the US and Canada.

The Tecnam Airframe and Engine Program is an hourly cost programme where the operator pays an hourly rate based on utilisation which covers parts and labour for unscheduled and scheduled maintenance. The programme not only provides protection from unforeseen and unscheduled maintenance expenses but also allows the predictability of having a fixed budget for the operation of the aircraft or fleet.

Now US and Canadian buyers can select the Tecnam Airframe and Engine Program as an option at the time of purchase.

Sales director Shannon Yeager says: “With PistonPower our owners and operators can benefit from cost predictability, substantial peace of mind and increased aircraft residual value. Now with the new Airframe and Engine Program being made available to all in-service Tecnam owners/operators they can enjoy the same benefits as new Tecnam buyers at the time of confirming their airplane.”

PistonPower CEO Ron Zilberbrand adds: “We are very excited about this new strategic partnership, as it will distinguish Tecnam moving forward and increase sales by adding additional options and value to each covered aircraft. We look forward to enrolling as many as possible new and the majority of in-service aircraft sold, as well as in-service aircraft currently flying.”

Zilberbrand previously founded Jet Support Services, an independent provider of service programmes for turbine airframes and engines.

"PistonPower is a comprehensive protection program for piston aircraft, designed by aviation professionals who’ve designed and built similar programs for turbine engines. It brings stability to the maintenance budget and peace of mind to business and personal flying, minimising the risk of costly unplanned repairs and protecting against catastrophic downtime," he adds.

Tecnam has also announced a new collaboration with XtraPower to make general aviation more accessible for pilots and operators of Tecnam aircraft across the European Union.

The Tecnam EU Leasing Program is a dry leasing programme where an aircraft lessee (aircraft user) commits to Xtrapower (lessor) for a period of time, usually two, three or five years. The pilot or operator is charged a monthly rental rate, which grants them 365 days per year of exclusive access to the leased aircraft.

The lessee is responsible for all variable and fixed operating costs of the aircraft for the entire period of the lease, including fuel, maintenance and any other measures required to keep the aircraft in top condition. Expenses also payable by the lessee are items such as pilots, insurance, supporting equipment, paint schemes, and transportation.

At the end of the lease period, the lessee returns the aircraft to XtraPower with no further liability, regardless of the change in aircraft value.

Tecnam global sales and marketing director Walter Da Costa says: “We are excited to offer our customers a real value programme ready-made for our Tecnam aircraft. Our owners and operators can benefit from cost predictability and substantial peace of mind. We have so many potential customers that have been waiting for this opportunity. It will open whole new market scenarios, confirming our leadership in general aviation and the flight training market.”

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