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A hive of activity boosts AMAC in Basel
It has been a busy summer for AMAC Aerospace in Basel. It completed several maintenance projects, was awarded new ones, and was able to support last minute unscheduled events as well as AOG support.
June and July proved busy this year for AMAC Aerospace at its headquarters in Basel, Switzerland.

The Switzerland-based headquarters of AMAC Aerospace reports that demand for pre-purchase inspections and AOG support is growing. This summer has seen the company complete a number of maintenance projects at its Basel site as well as being awarded several new contracts, one unscheduled and at short notice.

In June, after a double engine change and a pre-purchase inspection, AMAC was able to successfully release a Gulfstream G450, as well as two more aircraft. It also completed a head of state Boeing BBJ 737 base maintenance check ahead of schedule and to the customer's full satisfaction.

The company carried out a C Check on a head of state Boeing BBJ 777, and its dedicated licensed engineers and mechanics also carried out major repairs and a partial cabin refurbishment on the aircraft. The teams worked in three shifts to deliver it on time and to customer's full satisfaction.

As of mid-June, the company successfully redelivered a Global 6000; the privately-owned aircraft underwent a 4C-Check and a six-month check inspection and a registration change was performed before redelivery.

The company opened its hangar doors in June for a Global 5000. The privately-owned Bombardier aircraft is undergoing a 2,200 hours due maintenance with Service Bulletins. AMAC will also carry out a due maintenance on a privately-owned Boeing BBJ 777: a 1A and a 2A check in conjunction with an Out of Phase task will be performed. Furthermore, it will perform a C-Check on a head of state Boeing BBJ 737.

AMAC has also been awarded new maintenance projects on two Bombardier aircraft: a privately-owned Global 5000 for due maintenance, which will see AMAC carry out a 15-month inspection in conjunction with a 500 hours inspection; and it is carrying out an AOG onsite maintenance support on another Global 5000. AMAC dispatched a team for the AOG support overnight and the aircraft was able to go back to normal service for the next day. “We are receiving positive feedback from our clients since they appreciate our efforts with our AOG support,” says director maintenance sales and key account management Alexis Ott. “We can guarantee our customers that we will repair aircraft issues with immediate and professional reactions and at short notice.”

At the end of June, AMAC welcomed a head of state Boeing BBJ 747 at short notice to undergo an unscheduled maintenance input. “We are very proud of having our four big hangars; we are able to accept non-scheduled maintenance inputs from our clientele. Our spontaneity and experience make us unique, as our talented teams enable us to carry out unplanned work quickly and efficiently,” says director completion sales and key account management Eric Hoegen.

At the beginning of July, a new customer brought in its BBJ 737 for a pre-purchase inspection. Furthermore, AMAC Aerospace signed new maintenance contracts for a Gulfstream G450, which will undergo a double engine change, and a Boeing BBJ 737 for a 1A, 2A, 4A check with due maintenance checks. In conjunction to the base maintenance, an out of phase task will also be performed.

A privately-owned Airbus ACJ 318 will arrive mid July to undergo a basic inspection and a weekly check, as well as replacement of the full cabin carpet. “We are proud to welcome another cabin modification project in our hangars. Modifications have generally increased over the years. For example last year, in 2018, AMAC conducted 16 STCs and 212 minor cabin modifications,” adds Hoegen.

AMAC Aerospace has also signed a contract for a maintenance project on a privately-owned Airbus A318, due to arrive by the end of July. Technicians will carry out 6-, 12-, 18- and 36-month inspections. AMAC will also take delivery of an Airbus A319 for 6-, 12- and 24- month inspections as well as an out of phase task.

Furthermore, the company has signed two new maintenance projects on Bombardier Global 6000s. The first will undergo 15- and 30-month checks at the same time as a cabin defect rectification, the second will undergo 15- and 30-month checks.

Also during July, a new client delivered its BBJ to the hangars and AMAC was contacted for two AOG support situations. One was for a Global 6000; the other required a team to go to Nice, France for AOG support on a Gulfstream GIV. This was provided overnight and the aircraft was released on time for its flight.

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