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CAE accelerates digital training transformation
No longer must you sit down in a fusty old classroom for aviation-related learning. And maybe you haven't actually had to do that for a while now, but solutions have come on in leaps and bounds.
CAE group president, civil aviation training solutions Nick Leontidis.
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New, cutting-edge digital solutions are currently being deployed to deliver a superior training experience for the business aircraft pilot training market according to Canada-headquartered training company CAE.

“Our digital team is dedicated to revolutionising and elevating the training experience of pilots with the use of new and emerging technologies. We are making the training process much easier, allowing pilots to go back to flying much faster,” says group president, civil aviation training solutions Nick Leontidis. “In a few simple clicks, using web tools or mobile devices, our customers can now plan training sessions at their convenience, submit training requests in an instant, and prepare in advance for their training event.”

CAE is continuously rolling out integrated technologies and services to reduce the complexity of managing pilot training before, during and after full-flight simulator sessions. New digital solutions are improving the training experience at key customer interactions, from scheduling training events to preparing for ground school and simulator sessions, and from submitting training requests to viewing training records.

CAE recently launched an electronic training and checking authorisation (eTCA) application to better manage booking requests for training centres dedicated to business aviation. This eTCA has simplified the process for pilots booking their training requests, which they can now complete in a few simple clicks. The eTCA form is sent to customers upon receiving their training request and changes to an eTCA can be submitted remotely. This new application can be accessed via desktop, tablet or mobile device.

This eTCA is available for booking requests at CAE in Amsterdam and London Burgess Hill, and will soon be offered in Dubai. Further deployment to additional CAE training centres that are part of the EASA network will follow in the upcoming months.

Another digital solution is the CAE Terminal, an online customer portal that provides instant access to training requests, documentation, training records and reservation details. CAE also offers online reference materials which are accessible prior to training at Dallas and London Burgess Hill. Deployment of pre-course materials for other CAE training centres will be conducted starting next month.

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