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Online initiatives launched by LunaJets
LunaJets has made a significant investment in a website and app. Not only that, a loyalty programme rewards downloading the app, repeated business and referral of new clients with a limitless offer of discounted travel.

Geneva-headquartered private jet booking platform LunaJets has rolled out its new website along with an app to match. One year in the making, the new website has been rethought from top to bottom and boasts a proprietary content management system (CMS) that offers new, highly intuitive features.

The customer area, for instance, allows storage, review and retrieval of all necessary travel documents in one place. Travellers can also access their travel history, as well all the details concerning upcoming flights. These features are unseen in the industry, not even with management operators and fractional operators.

The online flight request tool uses geolocation to automatically enter the nearest city in the departure field. Should a traveller type a city without any airports, the site still forwards the request to one of LunaJets' private aviation advisors who can propose viable solutions to the client.

A jet comparator allows clients to compare the sizes, flight ranges and performances of aircraft they are considering side by side. This allows LunaJets to pull back the curtain on information that numerous competitors keep for themselves.

The company has made significant investment in technologies that are clearly customer-focused, yet designed to help its advisors to leverage their personal expertise. Head of IT José Ferreiro, who led both digital projects, says: “From the beginning we asked ourselves what new features could our clients find useful, and what will ultimately heighten our level of human service.” Thus they came up with the idea of enabling contracts to be signed with a simple click, and the app allows secure and instant credit card payment. Furthermore, clients can chat live with their very own, dedicated LunaJets private aviation advisor 24/7/365 from anywhere in the world.

A real-time locating system provides customers with driving directions to their airport, most useful when flying from a new location, and Ferreiro adds: “Such a new feature is win-win; it means an easier experience for our clients and more efficiency for our sales team.”

The company has also unveiled its DRR Loyalty Programme, a feature of which is that as soon as the new app is downloaded, the user automatically receives a €1,000 cash credit toward their second flight. The company will also reward passengers who keep flying with a €1,000 discount on their fifth flight, €2,000 off their 10th flight and €3,000 off their 15th flight. In addition, a €1,000 cash rebate on future flights will be applied for every client referral. Since there is no limit to the number of referrals and cash credits that can be accumulated, and no minimum on the price tag of the flight, there is the potential to earn a free flight. Director of business development and sales Alain Leboursier says: “Our DRR Loyalty Programme is as straightforward as they come: Download, Renew and Recommend to get cash back, and combine all our offers for even more cash back.”

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