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Vertis app includes seat booking options
A new app from Vertis targets seat-only, empty leg and charter bookings. The company hopes it will appeal to the increasingly strong buying power of the sharing generation.
The new app from Vertis Aviation offers seat-only, empty leg and charter bookings.

Switzerland-headquartered Vertis Aviation is launching a booking app that gives users access to near-real time charter flight information, empty leg data and the ability to book individual executive jet seats with Austria-based JetClass. The Book Seat feature enables users to join an existing business jet flight at rates competing with business class fares.

In an industry where the need to reduce CO2 emissions is becoming imperative, the app includes the Empty Leg Watchlist which gives information about available aircraft flying a specific route without paying passengers. Details provided include departure and arrival points, aircraft type, how many passengers can fly and availability. In addition, this feature enables users to set up alerts for when specific routes, maybe those they regularly fly, or particularly want to try, are available. This gives instant access to competitively priced charters and Vertis expects this will be a popular feature for existing charter clients.

In addition, users can charter a whole aircraft via the traditional Vertis channel, generate quotes for charter flights, compare pricing and communicate with the Vertis team for specific requests and needs. Confirmed availability and trip fees will appear in the My Quote section. Users can then select the flight that best suits their needs. In Version One the commercial transaction will be made via traditional payment methods, but Vertis plans to add real time payment functionality in later versions.

A year in the making, the app has been developed in response to the growing trend for using digital technology to supplement personal service. Designed to maintain the boutique characteristics of the company, deliver the knowledge of the charter service team and provide useful functionality to simplify aircraft charter on the go, the free app is available through the app store for Android and IOS platforms.

“We are not a tech company as we've always focused on providing a boutique and personal service, but equally we recognise the convenience a well-developed app can give to our customers. We have combined our charter heritage with technology to add value to our customer service. The app aims to really enhance our customer experience,” says chairman Julian Burrell.

Burrell also predicts the app will bring a new potential stream of revenue from a wider range of customers. “We've been known for our long-range expertise but we've always arranged charters on smaller aircraft too. This app will highlight our full range of services, broaden our client base and hopefully attract new users to the industry, particularly from the luxury leisure market. This is good for the operators, the passenger and will benefit the business aviation sector by simplifying the charter booking process to attract more users.”

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