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Cooperation engineered between airplus and QCM
Mutual support for larger projects is guaranteed now that airplus Maintenance and QCM Design have agreed to share resources. Engineering and design initiatives will enable both to power forward at full throttle.
Taking inspiration from the Village People song YMCA, airplus Maintenance and QCM have designs on jointly expanding their engineering capabiities.

Cooperation has been agreed between airplus Maintenance and QCM Design intended to allow both companies to further expand their engineering capabilities and to offer competitive design solutions to maintenance organisations, aircraft owners and operators as well as aircraft manufacturers. airplus holds Part 145, Part 21J, Part 21G, ADOA and CAMO approval.

Both companies have developed several STCs on different small and large aeroplanes and rotorcraft. Capabilities range from interior refurbishment and avionics upgrades to structural projects.

airplus COO Florian Kindzorra says: “QCM is well known in our industry for very reliable and high quality services. Besides helping airplus and QCM by using the brought knowledge base, the list of existing approvals and a number of experts in our teams, our customers will benefit from game changing STC solutions and optimised turn-around times. We are very much looking forward to working with Christian and his team.”

Additionally airplus will benefit from the QCM in-house burning laboratory for flammability testing solutions.

Based at Friedrichshafen airport, MRO airplus Maintenance, part of the european Air Service Group, holds an EASA approval for Part 21J (design), Part 21G (production), Part 145 (maintenance) and an LBA CAMO approval. It also specialises in VIP solutions and special missions, and has a large hangar for midsize aircraft and a larger wide body hangar for aircraft up to B737 size where technicians offer maintenance, inspections, parts, repairs, avionic upgrades, equipment installations, modifications, refurbishments and other specialised services.

QCM Design has headquarters in Berne, Switzerland and in Vienna, Austria, and received its EASA Part 21J design organisation approval in May 2013. Since then it has completed over 260 projects, thirteen of which are Supplemental Type Certificates.

Other News
South Korea welcomes a Praetor 600 for flight inspections
December 5, 2023
Embraer's Praetor 600 was delivered to South Korea's Flight Inspection Services Center following modification and integration of AeroFIS by Jet Aviation Singapore under the supervision of Aerodata.
Klatt Works SAVED gains certification support from L2
November 26, 2023
L2 Aviation will help Klatt certify its Smoke Assured Vision Enhanced Display (SAVED) aircraft safety system across a broad range of aircraft types.
FAA awards STC for three-blade MTV-12 prop for Piper PA-23
November 20, 2023
The installation of the three-blade MT-Propeller provides best vibration damping characteristics for almost vibration free propeller operation. The installation is already certified by EASA.