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Japanese Coast Guard adds another Super Puma to fleet
The JCG now flies 13 aircraft from Airbus' Super Puma family, and the latest addition has already been busy, rescuing 23 people in a series of missions. The type is trusted by Spain, Argentina and South Korea as well.
The Super Puma has found favour all around the world with coast guards.

Japan's largest Super Puma operator the Japan Coast Guard (JCG) has acquired an additional H225 helicopter. With the latest aircraft, JCG's Super Puma fleet will include two AS332s and 11 H225s, deployed for security enforcement, territorial coastal activities and disaster relief missions in Japan.

“We are delighted at how our Super Puma helicopters have continued to remain relevant and responsive to the coast guard's operational needs,” comments MD of Airbus Helicopters Japan Guillaume. “The fact that JCG's latest H225 participated in a series of rescue missions immediately upon delivery and rescued 23 people speaks volumes of our aircraft's mission-ready performance and availability. This follow-on order also re-affirms the confidence that JCG has in our helicopters.

“We are certain that the expanded fleet will continue to meet JCG's exacting requirements. We remain committed to ensuring the fleet's high availability for all missions.”

The 11-ton twin-turbine H225 is also used by the Spanish Guard, the Argentine Coast Guard and South Korea's National 119 Rescue headquarters. Equipped with modern electronic instruments and autopilot precision, the all-weather helicopter is fast and robust, and can be fitted with a range of equipment to suit multiple roles.

More than 25 helicopters from the Super Puma family are currently in service in Japan for civil and parapublic operators as well as for the MoD, which uses it for SAR, offshore, VIP, firefighting, passenger and goods transportation.

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September 8, 2022
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July 21, 2022
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