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Skyservice and Satcom team up for DLU STC
Skyservice has three Learjet 45s in its fleet, one of which is already benefitting from a Satcom Direct Data Link Unit. Its two other LR45s are set to follow suit, and Transport Canada has certified the work.
The LR45 will be able to take advantage of more efficient routes with the SD DLU installed.

The Transport Canada Civil Aviation authority has awarded Skyservice Business Aviation an STC for installation of the Satcom Direct Data Link Unit (DLU) upgrade on the Learjet 45.

Satcom Direct supported Skyservice through the TCCA STC process as well as for the EASA and FAA certifications, which are expected in the second quarter of 2019.

One of Skyservice's three LR45s is already operating with SD DLU upgrade, and the remaining two are scheduled to have their installations in early 2019. Upon completion, the installations will support CPDLC (FANS1/A and ATN- B) compliance to augment operational safety. Skyservice will also use its STC to support other Learjet 45 operators requiring installation.

“Skyservice is one of the first MROs to comply with 9,600/10,000/14,800 hour inspections and has more than 30 years experience in Learjet maintenance,” says Skyservice VP of maintenance Paul Weeks. “The SD DLU is a proven product that supports more efficient Learjet 45 operations. We are now positioned to be the facility of choice for these upgrades.”

Satcom Direct's director of project maangement Robert Vega adds: “Skyservice has a long legacy of excellent support for the Learjet 45. Our DLU solution makes operating these aircraft safer and helps manage operating costs. Our DLU is already fitted on numerous aircraft and we're excited to have this newest STC available for the aviation industry. The upgrade allows operators to reap the benefits of more efficient routes and preserve critical safety features including FANS-1/A compliance.”

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