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PC-24's range and runway performance a winner for Western
Western Aircraft is well-versed in Pilatus types, having flown, sold and maintained many PC-12s. The addition of a PC-24 to its Part 135 marks a new chapter, as it will be the first in the US offered for charter.
A pallet-sized cargo door on the PC-24 enables bulky items to be loaded.

Idaho's Western Aircraft has added a Pilatus PC-24 to the Part 135 certificate of its WestAir Charter division. “We are extremely excited to be the first in the country to offer this amazing jet for charter,” says VP of sales and charter management Phil Winters. “This aircraft has superior speed, range and runway performance. It is also the first business jet in the world that has a standard pallet-sized cargo door, making the loading of even the bulkiest of items, such as a kayak, easy. It's a true benefit for our charter customers.”

In addition to the PC-24's charter function, WestAir Charter is also handling the jet's management, including maintenance, flight crew and regulatory compliance.

Western Aircraft's WestAir Charter is extremely familiar with the Pilatus aircraft, having many years of experience operating and managing a fleet of NG and legacy PC-12s. Additionally, Western has a Pilatus dealership and operates one of the largest Pilatus authorised service centres in North America.

WestAir Charter has also hired Joshua Weinshank as director of operations. Weinshank is a certified airline transport pilot and flight instructor with more than 27 years of experience in the area of aircraft operations for corporate, charter and scheduled air carrier certificates. In his new role, he will be responsible for the day-to-day operations and leadership of WestAir Charters' business and pilots.

Before joining the company, he served as eTT Aviation's COO, and prior to that as Xtra Airways/Casino Express' director of operations and information technology. He has also previously served in the capacities of chief pilot, check pilot, pilot in command and aircraft operator security coordinator.

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