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Jet Aviation carries out pan-US renovations
From coast to coast across the States, Jet Aviation is pulling down old facilities and building new ones in an effort to deliver the very best and most modern services to all who use its FBOs.
Jet Aviation's new Van Nuys complex will boast a footprint of 122,250 sq ft when completed in the summer of 2019.

Jet Aviation is expanding and renovating its US FBOs. Senior vice president and general manager, regional operations USA David Paddock says: “Our customers will soon find new or renovated facilities from Teterboro, New Jersey to Van Nuys, California and Dallas, Texas. We like to say we're investing in our customers by ensuring our FBOs have the space, fixtures and capabilities to deliver the very best service to owners, passengers and flight crews, and their aircraft, no matter where their business or leisure flights take them.”

At the Teterboro site a building has already been razed and site preparation and utility relocation are about to give way to the start of construction of a 40,000 sq ft hangar that will house tenant offices. The hangar should be completed by mid-summer 2019 and is designed to accommodate larger, current generation aircraft and to provide additional ramp space. While it is under construction an adjacent FBO will be renovated to current Jet Aviation interior design and finish standards for customers.

On the other side of the country in Van Nuys construction has begun on the foundations for an entirely new facility to replace the eight structures demolished earlier this year. The FBO will include 10,000 sq ft of customer service space and a new hangar will provide 42,250 sq ft, plus 10,000 sq ft for offices. An adjacent Gulfstream hangar will incorporate 40,000 sq ft for hangar operations alongside 20,000 sq ft for offices. The new complex will boast 122,250 sq ft when completed in summer 2019, at which time the temporary buildings that the FBO currently operates out of will be demolished. A new fuel farm is already operating with two 30,000 gallon tanks. It will expand with two more 30,000 gallon tanks and a 12,000 gallon tank in the future.

The refurbishment of its Boston/Bedford FBO at Hanscom Field, just outside of Boston, has included the installation of a Duncan Aviation satellite avionics shop in the hangar. The FBO features 30,000 sq ft over two storeys with two customer lounge areas, two pilot shower rooms, a snooze room, a pilots' lounge with two privacy rooms and two conference rooms with full video-conferencing capabilities. It originally opened last year after the dedication of a new 40,000 sq ft hangar that can handle aircraft up to Gulfstream G650 and Global 7000 size. Total hangar space is more than 124,000 sq ft and total facility space is more than 360,000 sq ft. There is also 80,000 sq ft of remote, private parking.

Director of FBO services at Boston/Bedford Pam Day says: "We've applied a new, warmer colour scheme and some new wall coverings in addition to replacing all of the temporary furnishings, décor and design elements that were here when we opened the new FBO last year. We changed the feel and the experience of the FBO. It's more modern, but still cosy and comfortable. Some of the accent pieces are kind of funky, and that's a fun touch that we call it cosy chic.”

At Dallas Love Field, the first floor of the FBO will be completely rebuilt to current design and finish standards while enlarging the customer service desk and area to provide additional lounge and seating space for passengers. That will also improve customer access to restrooms.

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