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AirSprint   (Canada)
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News from Business Air News
AirSprint achieves Wyvern Wingman certification
June 20, 2022
AirSprint has always treated every flight as an opportunity to demonstrate and improve its level of safety, and working through the Flight Leader programme with a Wyvern coach has taken it to the next level.
AirSprint increases long-range capabilities with Praetor 500
October 23, 2021
Fractional operator AirSprint has increased its Embraer offering to nine following the addition of a new Praetor 500. The aircraft can fly from Canada, where it is based, to the Caribbean and Central America.
AirSprint inks deal to add three CJ3+ to fractional fleet
October 13, 2021
AirSprint is a fractional ownership company, where potential owners are able to choose an aircraft on its books and from there can invest from a list of three plans.
October 11, 2021AirSprint pioneers SAF thanks to SkyService
March 19, 2021First Praetor 500 conversion arrives at AirSprint
July 8, 2020AirSprint on track for comprehensive cleaning standards
June 1, 2020JetAssure increases access to AirSprint fleet
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