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SEA Prime   (Italy)
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News from Business Air News
Sirio and SEA Prime unveil Hangar X at Linate
May 19, 2023
The new 4,700 sqm Hangar X is, oddly, the 11th hangar at Milan Linate Prime airport, increasing to 30,000 sqm the hangar space at the airport and adding to Sirio's existing leased infrastructure on the same site.
SEA Prime shares 2022 highlights
January 12, 2023
Aircraft movements are up at the end of 2022 for Linate and Malpensa airports in Milan, and airport operator SEA Prime is now offering SAF, using electric ramp equipment and investing in sustainable infrastructure.
Formula 1 sets jets racing at Milano Prime
September 23, 2022
Milano Prime has confirmed its position as a gateway to international sporting events in Milan. It saw more movements than ever before at the recent Grand Prix, and has high hopes for the forthcoming Nations League.
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