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SEA Prime continues steady growth in northern Italy
In 2023 SEA Prime managed circa 33,900 business aviation movements, up four per cent on 2022 and up 38 per cent compared to 2019. The same growth trend of plus four per cent versus 2023 was confirmed in Q1.
A modern lobby awaits passengers.

SEA Prime, a SEA Group company and manager of the business and general aviation infrastructure at Milan's Linate and Malpensa airports under the Milano Prime brand, is exhibiting at the 2024 edition the Europe's leading business aviation conference in Geneva.

In 2023 SEA Prime managed circa 33,900 business aviation movements, up four per cent on 2022 and up 38 per cent compared to 2019. The same growth trend of plus four per cent versus 2023 was confirmed in the first quarter, outperforming both the Italian (+three per cent YTD) and the European markets (-three per cent YTD) with peaks of traffic recorded during the Milan Fashion Week (+six per cent compared to 2023). According to EBAA, the Italian business and general aviation market in 2023 represented the fourth market by number of flights in Europe and generated an economic output of 7.9 billion euros.

SEA Prime's results and strategic focus remain driven by sustainable growth the unique position in Milan, one of the most visited cities in Europe, driving the Italian GDP.

One of the key events for the city of Milan will be the 2026 Milan-Cortina winter Olympics, by which SEA Prime plans to expand the Linate Prime terminal and parking areas, with a holistic approach through the regeneration of existing infrastructure.

The primary objective of the intervention is the enhancement of the lounges and passenger service areas; by incorporating the adjacent hangar, the Linate Prime terminal's overall surface area will be increased by approximately 2,000 sqm, including 400 sqm allocated to technical rooms and storage necessary for terminal operations. Simultaneously, a revision and functional expansion are planned, along with a restyling of both landside and airside facades.

The expansion presents an opportunity to provide the complex with a new identity that mirrors the service it offers: iconic and respectful of the surrounding landscape. This involves the introduction of a reflective and undulating metal exterior that enhances luminosity and integrates with the environment through reflective properties.

Internally, a dynamic layout is proposed to accommodate passenger movement flows, alongside material selections that enhance the terminal's essential and elegant design.

In the common area of the hall, the flooring will be high-resistance porcelain stoneware with a stone-like texture, resembling ‘ceppo di grè’, a local stone commonly found in northern Italy and used in many examples of Milanese architecture.

The interior walls feature a two-tiered cladding design to measure the height proportions of the space: the lower section will be treated with full-height back-painted glass panels alternating with frames dedicated to advertisements and lounge entrances, while the upper section will be covered with vertically perforated aluminium slats to better control acoustic comfort.

Lighting will be managed with long suspended LED tracks arranged at regular intervals.

The focal point of the hall is also characterised by SEA Prime's concierge desk and a large skylight.

Passengers' and crews' comfort, as well as operational efficiency, remain pivotal throughout the design process. Separation of passenger and staff flows through dedicated doors ensure privacy and efficiency of the service. Furthermore, the plans have been coordinated with ongoing developments in the landside car parking area to ensure continuity and accessibility.

Sustainability is a key aspect of the project, encompassing the reuse of existing structures and the incorporation of advanced technologies. For instance, the adaptable interior is being repurposed to support a new roofing system equipped with photovoltaic panels for energy generation. Heating and air conditioning systems feature cutting-edge technology to minimise energy consumption and environmental impact. The air management system monitors CO2 levels and adjusts air exchange, accordingly, ensuring optimal indoor air quality with minimal energy use.

Additionally, rainwater harvesting systems are being integrated into the roofing infrastructure to supplement water resources for non-potable uses.

The project, signed by the association of architecture firms SAB S.r.l., CREW Cremonesi Workshop S.r.l., a company of the Urban Hub of the FS Italiane Group, Incide Engineering S.r.l., M2P S.r.l., Ing. Alessandro Marradi, will undergo a independent environmental certification affirming SEA Prime's commitment to environmentally sustainable design practices and further validating its status as a modern, eco-friendly terminal poised to meet the needs of today while safeguarding the needs of tomorrow.

Following the first SAF Forum organised at Linate Prime on May15th, which gathered B&GA operators and saw, as speakers, representatives of enilive and Politecnico di Milano, SEA Prime has announced the first SAF support programme targeted at business aviation operators refuelling at both Linate and Malpensa airports where availability of drop in SAF has been confirmed. The programme will be launched in 2024 and will foresee an amount of 1,000 euros per ton of pure certified SAF pumped, with a pro rata adjustment mechanism in case of demand exceeding the available funds, 50,000 euros for the current programme.

According to IATA, SAF will drive the decarbonisation journey of the aviation industry as SAF could contribute roughly 65% of the reduction in emissions needed by aviation to reach net zero in 2050 and, as such, it is the only near-term large-scale decarbonisation option for the aviation.

SEA Prime is constantly working to meet the increasing demand for business aviation services and infrastructures in Milano: the key objective of the terminal expansion is to create a modern, sustainable terminal that meets clients' demands while respecting its natural surroundings, embodying principles of environmental responsibility and innovation. The new SAF support programme, the first of its kind in Europe, represents a tangible support for the industry's path towards decarbonisation,” says Chiara Dorigotti, CEO at SEA Prime.

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