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XTI Aircraft Company   (U.S.A.)
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News from Business Air News
XTI names Mike Hinderberger as chief executive
June 26, 2022
After working for a year on advancing TriFan engineering, Hinderberger is eager to apply that knowledge more broadly to the company’s operations and long term plans.
US chef makes plant-based designs on XTI eVTOL
November 4, 2021
XTI is to offer a limited series MKC TriFan 600 that will feature plant-based materials throughout a custom interior designed by US celebrity chef Matthew Kenney.
XTI identifies Estonia as a key regional hub
May 21, 2021
Estonia's location means it could revolutionise regional connectivity by connecting hundreds of active airports and 100 million people inside a circle of 1,000 km by using AAM solutions such as the XTI TriFan 600.
March 31, 2020GAMA brings new members into the fold
November 1, 2019XTI positions for VTOL revolution
September 30, 2019XTI showcases TriFan propulsion in China
July 29, 2019Catalyst forms basis of TriFan 600 hybrid propulsion
May 14, 2019VTOL testing a success for XTI prototype
Press Releases
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