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UrbanLink pairs with Ferrovial to develop US vertiport network
Development should start with Ferrovial's planned south Florida vertiport network before spreading to other regional markets. It paves the way for deployment of UrbanLink's fleet of Lilium Jets.
EVTOLs will be able to take off, land and refuel at the vertiports.

UrbanLink Air Mobility, a south Florida-based advanced air mobility (AAM) operator, has entered into a partnership with Ferrovial Vertiports, a subsidiary of global infrastructure company Ferrovial, to explore the development of vertiport sites in key US markets. The vertiports will serve as launchpads for UrbanLink's Lilium Jets and are essential for urban air mobility operations.

Innovation in vertiport development is critical for the scalable and efficient operation of eVTOL aircraft. UrbanLink and Ferrovial Vertiports will collaborate on the development of the facilities beginning with Ferrovial's planned south Florida vertiport network. They will work together on the placement, operational planning and facility design to ensure safe and secure vertiports optimised for eVTOL operations and a seamless passenger experience.

“We are committed to partnering with industry leaders such as Ferrovial Vertiports to build out the AAM framework, including well-designed, safe and efficient vertiports in our target areas of operation,” says Ed Wegel, founder and chairman of UrbanLink. “This partnership is a critical step in accelerating the deployment of our Lilium Jets and enhancing connectivity in the US, bringing us one step closer to making AAM a reality. We will continue to lead this charge with our partners.”

UrbanLink hopes to be the first airline in the US to integrate eVTOL aircraft into its fleet and to lead the entry into service and management of AAM in south Florida and other markets. In May, it announced its partnership with Lilium and a commitment to purchase 20 Lilium Jets with scheduled pre-delivery payments. With entry into service expected by summer 2026, UrbanLink is collaborating with partners to select service routes for its initial eVTOL flights, as well as site selections for vertiports.

Currently, UrbanLink is focused on providing eVTOL flight operations in south Florida, Los Angeles and southern California, with plans for additional destinations underway.

“We see tremendous opportunity for advanced air mobility. Connecting cities across south Florida will bring safe, efficient transportation options to the region and improve mobility,” states Kevin Cox, CEO of Ferrovial Vertiports. “Our focus is on ensuring that an agnostic vertiport network is in place for operators like UrbanLink when eVTOLs gain certification.”

Ferrovial Vertiports' agnostic vertiports networks will be intermodal centres integrated into the community landscape that are adapted to the environment, reduce acoustic impacts, produce no emissions and meet the highest energy efficiency standards through innovative design. They will safely serve multiple eVTOL aircraft types and diverse business models.

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