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Nuvite launches Skyde Clear metal surface sealant
Skyde Clear is a long-lasting corrosion protector for any bare metal surface. By filling surface pores and levelling peaks, it seals to a smooth hydrophobic barrier that is moisture resistant and stone-hard.

Nuvite Chemical Compounds has launched Skyde Clear, the latest and most advanced hard-coat protective sealant to enter the aviation aftermarket. Specifically engineered for bare metal surfaces, Skyde Clear is a proven, long-lasting corrosion protector for aircraft leading edges, window trim and inlet rings, in fact any bare metal surface. Its polymeric resin formula relies on micro-technology to penetrate the substrate's natural aluminium oxide layer.

Executive director Cliff Lester explains: "By filling surface pores and levelling peaks, Skyde Clear seals to a smooth hydrophobic barrier, both moisture resistant and stone-hard. Surface finish is not only preserved, but air flow over treated areas is optimised, assuring better flight efficiency and safety."

While the ultra-thin, polymeric-resin coating is stone-hard, it's also flexible enough to meet the challenges of inflight conditions and, remarkably, adds no weight. Best of all, aircraft performance is optimised, while Skyde Clear maintains the lustre of bare metal much longer than any competitive product. OEM testing has shown that Skyde Clear is effective between six to nine months depending on flying conditions.

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