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Nolinor to open sub-base in Edmonton
A sub-base at Edmonton will bolster Nolinor’s role as a transit hub, specifically to Nunavut. It strengthens logistical support for the mining industry and improves connectivity across Canada’s remote regions.
A Boeing 737-200, the only model certified by Boeing for gravel runway operations, will be deployed from the Edmonton base.
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Nolinor Aviation has established a secondary base in Edmonton, Alberta, which was slated to commence operations in June. This expansion represents a pivotal development in Nolinor’s three-decade legacy, specifically designed to enhance operational reach in Western Canada and provide direct, efficient service to mining projects across Nunavut.

Central to this initiative is the deployment of a Boeing 737-200 at the Edmonton base. Distinctively, the Boeing 737-200 is the only model certified by Boeing for gravel runway operations, offering unmatched flexibility in payload capacity and featuring an expanded cargo door to accommodate a broad range of cargo sizes. This capability positions Nolinor to offer tailored air transport solutions that meet the rigorous demands of the mining industry.

Nolinor president Marco Prud’Homme explains the strategic rationale behind the Edmonton expansion: “Selecting a Boeing 737-200 to spearhead our operations in Edmonton aligns with our commitment to directly support the mining industry’s logistical needs. By eliminating the necessity for technical stops, our direct service enhances our cargo capabilities and significantly augments our service portfolio for the entire region. This direct approach not only promises time savings but also amplifies our capacity to transport an increased volume of passengers and cargo to operational sites.”

Furthermore, discussions with various mining entities are already underway, underscoring the industry’s recognition of Nolinor’s enhanced service offering. Nolinor has a longstanding presence in Yellowknife where, for over a decade, it has anchored its northern cargo operations. Incorporating Edmonton into its network is a strategic enhancement designed to optimise service delivery and expand coverage in response to the escalating demand for versatile and dependable air transport solutions.

The sub-base at Edmonton airport bolsters the company’s role as a strategic hub for passenger and cargo transit, specifically to Nunavut, strengthening logistical support for the mining industry and improving connectivity across Canada’s remote regions.

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