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Electron unveils design update for its 5
The Electron 5 was designed for regional air mobility, offering up to 750km on today's batteries and with low operating costs thanks to its battery electric drive system.
The Electron 5 is a future workhorse for regional air mobility, as well as being as comfortable as a luxury car.

Electron Aerospace remains on track to deliver its first aircraft in 2028 and is excited to share a significant design update for the Electron 5, showcased publicly by Steve Varsano, an American business leader, jet broker, luxury entrepreneur, advisor, and founder and president of The Jet Business. Varsano has been selling jets for almost 30 years and made his first sale at the age of 23. He believes that the Electron 5 sets new standards in terms of versatility and operating cost, making it the future workhorse for regional air mobility.

"Taking inspiration from the Albatross, our Electron 5 features an aerodynamically efficient body, robust wings and windows that mimic the bird's vigilant eyes," says head of design Alexander Klatt. This design philosophy ensures it is suitable for zero-emission short intra-European hops, combining performance with sustainability.

The cargo door facilitates easy access and unlocks a range of use cases, including transporting up to four passengers, carrying 500kg of cargo on a European pallet, second stage pilot training and medical evacuation flights.

The Electron 5 achieves distances of up to 750km (466miles) on today's batteries. This milestone is crucial for unlocking regional air mobility by connecting destinations previously considered unreachable in the zero-emission domain. Furthermore, the transition to a pure battery-electric drive system ensures the aircraft offers the lowest operating costs in the industry.

CEO Josef Mouris says: "We designed the Electron 5 to unlock regional air mobility, offering up to 750km on today's batteries and the lowest operating costs in the industry, thanks to its pure battery electric drive system."

Varsano adds: "The spacious and comfortable cabin of the Electron 5, for an aircraft of this size, offers an experience more akin to travelling in a luxury car than on a private jet today."

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