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AeroMech kits out King Airs with Starlink connectivity
AeroMech's wholly owned subsidiary, AMI Aviation Services, will conduct Starlink installations for end users at its facilities at Sanford International airport in Orlando, Florida and Smyrna airport near Nashville.
Operators worldwide can make use of the installation.

Everett, Washington-based AeroMech Incorporated has gained an STC for the installation of Starlink high speed internet connectivity in King Air 200/300 series aircraft. The STC was approved by the AeroMech FAA STC ODA, and it includes 17 model variants ranging from the King Air 200 to the 360s. AeroMech's wholly owned subsidiary, AMI Aviation Services, will conduct Starlink installations for end users at its facilities at Sanford International airport in Orlando, Florida and Smyrna airport near Nashville, Tennessee or via remote ‘go teams’. AeroMech and AMI will also provide the STC and PMA installation kits to any qualified Starlink installer and/or dealer.

There are several key advantages, high-speed connectivity coming first: customers will enjoy living-room style internet access with Starlink's high-speed capabilities for work, entertainment and communication during flights with download speeds up to 220 Mbps and upload speeds up to 25 Mbps. Global coverage with unrivalled reliability is on offer: Starlink operates nearly 6,000 low earth orbit satellites to ensure global coverage, allowing aircraft to consistently maintain reliable connectivity even in the most remote or challenging geographic locations.

Users can enjoy low latency – less than 100ms. Starlink enables real-time applications such as video conferencing and live video feeds, delivering an unparalleled user experience. There is also minimal aircraft downtime: The Starlink aviation system is a ‘standalone system’ that consists of an antenna, power supply, router and only requires power input to the aircraft. With no need to tap into ARINC or any onboard aircraft systems, aircraft downtime will be minimised.

“When Starlink first approached AeroMech to assist with certifying Starlink on aircraft, we recognised this was a disruptive innovation in aviation,” says Anthony Wiederkehr, AeroMech's COO. “We are proud to have the King Air as the first model we certified. With the diverse applications in which King Air aircraft are used, we are excited to see how operators worldwide will utilise Starlink's groundbreaking capability.”

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