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Schweizer RSG

Schweizer RSG

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Schweizer expands overhaul services through its Part 145 station
Manufacturing of Schweizer products dates back to the 1950s, but FAA approval for new processes covering overhauls of main and tail rotor gearboxes, landing gear dampeners and actuators, brings down costs.
Schweizer now provides increased overhaul services for labour-intensive components faster and at lower cost, and is also investing in on-the-shelf components.

Helicopter OEM Schweizer is expanding its factory overhaul services under its FAA Part 145 repair station certification to help reduce customer costs. New services now available for the S333, S300C and S300CBi helicopters include overhauls of main and tail rotor gearboxes, landing gear dampeners and actuators.

"Schweizer customers are asking for ways to cut costs in aircraft ownership, and we've responded," says president and CEO David Horton. "We possess the only approved test stand in the world for Schweizer main and tail rotor gear boxes. With the receipt of our repair station certificate, we can now perform cost effective critical component overhauls for customers in house."

Schweizer received FAA Part 145 Repair Station certification in November 2023, allowing it to repair and overhaul its aircraft and components under an FAA-approved quality system.

By providing increased overhaul services for labour-intensive components, Schweizer reduces the overhead and delays associated with field overhauls. Schweizer now provides these services faster and at new lower costs for its customers, and is also investing in on-the-shelf components that will be available for exchange where minimising customer's down time is critical.

Additionally, it is exploring opportunities to repair components that are currently only replaceable, further reducing costs.

"Manufacturing processes for our products date back to the 1950s and 1960s," Horton adds. "For instance, some part manufacturing is approved for casting only when we can machine the same part today much more economically. By modernising and gaining FAA approval for new processes, we can again reduce costs, which we pass along to our customers."

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Bell achieves certification for BasiX-Pro retrofit kit
March 26, 2024
In an effort to increase reliability, situational awareness and decreased pilot workload, the BasiX-Pro kit delivers the latest integrated flight deck, high-resolution displays as well as engine data and flight operation recording.
Air Center Helicopters covers H225 fleet with Airbus HCare
March 1, 2024
With this contract, Air Center's entire fleet of Airbus H225 helicopters will benefit from the HCare In-Service part availability contract.
Bristow signs framework contract for up to 15 H135s
February 29, 2024
The H135 has proven itself to be a very capable helicopter at Bristow, both for missions offshore and overland. Hence the decision to sign up for five more, possibly 15, and with Arrius 2B2 engines from Safran.