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APP Jet Center
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Fort Pierce (Treasure Coast International) Airport


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APP breaks ground on expansion and renovation in Florida
There is an increasing demand for hangar space at Treasure Coast International airport, and APP's investment in hangars and enhancements allows it to expand its customer offering.
Groundbreaking at the Treasure Coast International airport in Florida.

APP Jet Center held a groundbreaking ceremony to commence construction on the first phase of an expansion and renovation to its FBO at Treasure Coast International airport in Fort Pierce, Florida. The project will include building 30,000sq ft of hangars and enhancing the current FBO facility.

The new hangar space will consist of five private, high-end 3,600sq ft hangars as well as six T-hangars, all scheduled to be available for occupancy by 1 July, 2024.

Enhancements to the current FBO facility will include a remodel of the executive terminal's interior as well as improvements to the parking lot and landscaping. The new look will feature an advanced architectural design and aesthetic, and will enhance the facility's appeal as the front door to the community for dignitaries, business people and private individuals visiting St Lucie County. APP will continue to operate the Tiki, the airport's only restaurant and a favourite for both aviators and locals alike.

CEO Dan Harrow says: "We are excited to invest in the Treasure Coast International airport and to support the growth of St Lucie County. There is an increasing demand for hangar space at this airport, and our investment allows us to expand our customer offering. APP looks forward to continuing to partner with the airport, the St Lucie County Board of County Commissioners (COBB) and the Economic Development Council (EDC) of St Lucie County to highlight the numerous advantages of the Treasure Coast International airport."

"APP Jet Center's services and investment are central to the ongoing success and growth of Treasure Coast International airport," adds Pete Tesch, president of the EDC. "This airport is truly a jewel, with more acreage than Miami International, a foreign trade zone, on-site US Customs and a strategic location midway between Orlando and Miami. With the comprehensive services already offered by APP Jet Center and the company's plans for the future, it will be flying even higher."

Cathy Townsend, chair of the BOCC, adds: "Today marks an exciting milestone in the expansion of our airport facilities. As we break ground for new hangars, we're not just laying concrete; we're laying the foundation for enhanced capabilities, increased efficiency and expanded opportunities. These hangars will be more than just structures; they'll be the homes for the aircraft that connect people, businesses and communities. They'll be the spaces where innovation takes flight, where dreams soar and where journeys begin and end. With these new hangars, we're not only investing in the future of our airport but also in the future of our region. We're positioning ourselves for even greater success for the years to come. The sky's the limit, and with these new hangars, we're ready to reach new heights."

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