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Avidyne adds NVG compatibility to FMS systems
NVG compatibility is now available on IFD550, IFD545, IFD540, and IFD510 FMS systems as a factory option, increasing safety and utility for helicopter operators flying missions under Night Vision Goggles.
The Avidyne IFD5-series is an easy slide-in replacement option for those with ageing GNS500/530-series navigators, and the NVG option adds significant utility and safety.

Avidyne has added night vision goggle (NVG) compatibility as a factory option for its IFD550, IFD545, IFD540 and IFD510 (IFD5-Series) FMS systems.

"The helicopter segment is a growing market for Avidyne, and we continue to add new features to support our customers’ needs," says president Dan Schwinn. "We are now offering NVG-compatibility, initially on our IFD5-series with additional models to follow."

"NVG compatibility is just the latest of a whole host of helicopter-specific functions we offer on Avidyne FMS systems, including helicopter approaches and helipad database, powerline database, an easy-to-use ‘hybrid touch’ user interface with both touch screen and knob-button control, radar altitude display, RS-170 video display and wireless connectivity, providing search and rescue pattern import from Foreflight," adds vice president of sales and business development Ed Paulsen. "The Avidyne IFD5-series is an easy slide-in replacement option for those with ageing GNS500/530-series navigators, and this NVG option adds significant utility and safety enhancement for our helicopter customers."

For helicopter operators whose missions require the use of night vision goggles, the ability to switch to NVG lighting is critical. This NVG mode uses special LEDs that change the spectral distribution of the backlighting, generally making reds and yellows much less bright while not affecting greens and blues, giving pilots operating under NVG the ability to view and operate the Avidyne FMS systems with optimal efficiency and accuracy. During daylight and non-NVG night operation, the NVG lighting function can be switched back to normal setting.

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