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Sirius fires up hydrogen-electric jet propulsion system
Sirius Aviation has debuted a hydrogen powertrain with Sauber F1 and global automotive giant BMW Group Designworks. Technologies from the automotive industry can speed up development of this HVTOL project.
The inaugural ignition of the hydrogen engine was made right in the presentation room, emitting only water vapor and no pollutants.
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Aerospace startup Sirius Aviation has unveiled the hydrogen-electric ducted fan propulsion system for its VTOL Sirius Jet alongside partners BMW Group Designworks and Sauber Group F1 at Payerne airport in Switzerland. The inaugural firing of an aviation engine within a presentation room released only water vapour and zero pollutants.

"This marks a new chapter in sustainable aviation, and we are presenting a vehicle that will completely transform the aviation industry," says CEO Alexey Popov. "We express the utmost gratitude to our partners and trailblazing team for their continued support on this historic journey."

Industry leaders and partners of the Sirius Jet project attended and spoke at the landmark event, including:

- BMW Group Designworks director of strategic partnership John Schoenbeck,

- BMW Group Designworks lead designer Tommy Forsgren,

- Sauber Group F1 CCO Jonathan Herzog,

- Leonardo Aerostructures senior vice president Giuseppe Sernicola, and

- ALD Service president Zigmund Bluvband.

These collaboration partners expressed optimism about the hydrogen era in aviation and recognised the Sirius Jet as a pivotal player in regional hydrogen flight.

"This project is about innovation, transportation and mobility; making it the perfect realm for Designworks," says Schoenbeck. "Our work spans exterior and interior design, colour material, user interface and experience design. We are very proud to be part of the journey of this pioneering company."

Sirius Aviation AG is accepting pre-orders for the hydrogen-electric propulsion system, set for delivery in Q4 2025.

The event facilitated vital business discussions among project partners, defining the next steps and milestones.

"I am very proud and happy to see the system and can guarantee that we, Sauber Group, will further continue this collaboration and invest a lot from our power to help make Sirius Jet fly soon," says Herzog.

In 2025, the Sirius Jet will take flight in two versions: the Sirius Business Jet private jet and the Sirius Millennium Jet, crafted for commercial aviation.

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