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Elicompany repositions fleet through two new bases
Two new bases near Milan and Rome will allow Elicompany to better position its fleet and be more competitive in the market.
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Italy-headquartered Bell operator Elicompany has recently opened two new bases to meet the increasing market demand for its passenger transfer and tour flights; one at Santo Stefano Ticino, near Malpensa airport and the city of Milan, the other in Rome.

“This will allow us to better position our fleet and be more competitive in the market for flights to, or over, the Alps, to Tuscany, Portofino, Venice, the French coast and the lakes region, and between Milan and Tuscany, Sardinia, Capri, the Amalfi coast and Sicily,” says sales and marketing manager Luca Giacchetti.

A dedicated Bell 407 and Bell 427 operate from the Milan base, where there is a hangar, fuel services and office space, while a dedicated Bell 206 and Bell 427 operate out of the Rome base. “We may see some possible further development shortly,” he adds. “We will keep and expand our operations at Olbia Sardinia airport during the summer season, from where we serve local and longer routes connecting the island with the continent. The Bell 206 and 407 are based there from mid June to mid September.

“We are adding another Bell 427 twin engine to the fleet. It is currently undergoing a refit; new engines, an avionics upgrade and new interiors, but it will be fully licensed and available for the market by the end of February. Both 427s are being refitted the same way through Zanasi Carrozzerie, an historic Ferrari body shop that personalises new cars and refits old ones.”

Elicompany was founded in 1979 by professional pilot and CEO Calisto ‘Mario’ Forghieri. Where once he operated flights to help farmers in the intensive Padana valley agriculture industry, now the company has a flight school and undertakes aerial and passenger charters.

Last year it started work on improving its hangar and office capability so as to accommodate new business; work should complete by the summer.

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