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Lilium adds Fraport to network of German eVTOL developers
By analysing the conditions for regional aviation with electrically-powered jets, they will advance regulatory and practical steps for suitable framework conditions for potential customers in Germany and Europe.
Lilium wants to advance regulatory and practical steps towards Lilium Jet customer operations in Germany and Europe.

Airport operator Fraport and Lilium are to explore required infrastructure planning and approval steps for the implementation of commercial eVTOL operations at airports. Fraport is active at 30 international airports across four continents.

They will start by preparing Germany for the introduction of regional electric air mobility by working with industry groups and the German government to jointly discuss and accelerate necessary regulatory work. They plan to analyse future mobility concepts for vertiport networks that are suitable for electric aircraft, and will examine what future vertiport concepts for this type of mobility could look like, especially at and around airports.

CEO Klaus Roewe says: "With Fraport, we have partnered with one of the most renowned international airport operators in the world. We expect to be able to analyse the conditions for regional aviation with electrically powered and quiet jets. Our goal is to jointly advance regulatory and practical steps for suitable framework conditions for electric aviation and our potential customers in Germany and Europe."

Alexander Laukenmann, senior executive vice president aviation, Fraport adds: "In this collaborative endeavour, our focus is on examining the impact of eVTOLs on airport infrastructure. As a cutting-edge and environmentally sustainable prospect for regional aviation, eVTOLs possess the potential to address and develop new models of individual travel and mobility requirements in a sustainable manner in the years to come. Fraport, being Germany's intermodal hub Number One, stands as a global frontrunner in seamlessly connecting diverse transportation modes. Our commitment is to uphold and expand this leadership."

Lilium is already working with other airports across Germany at Stuttgart, Munich, Nuremberg, Cologne-Bonn and Düsseldorf.

In recent years, it has conducted various implementation studies with airports and air traffic control authorities relating to suitable locations, structural implementation and airspace integration procedures, including potential use cases and routes. Based on this work, Lilium will continue to partner and collaborate with other relevant private and public stakeholders to grow the ecosystem and potential network.

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February 22, 2024
PhilJets intends to operate 10 Lilium Jets across the southeast Asia region, initially in the Philippines and Cambodia.
Lilium designates future Orlando Vertiport as key network hub
February 12, 2024
Lilium will continue working to support the creation of a vertiport at the major hub airport of Orlando International and to solidify the Greater Orlando region as a test bed for AAM.
Lilium Jet sets off along assembly line
December 7, 2023
In what Lilium is calling a watershed moment for sustainable aviation, the Lilium Jet is now in production. The first fuselage is on the final assembly line and will soon join up with the canard and wings.