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Crisalion Mobility to develop eVTOL insurance with Skyrisks
This partnership aspires not only to set a benchmark for industry standards, but also to help promote a more proactive approach to eVTOL insurability.
The official signing ceremony took place in the AAM Pavilion at the Dubai Airshow between Skyrisks CEO Alistair Blundy and Crisalion Mobility COO Óscar Lara Rapp.

Spain-based eVTOL design and development company Crisalion Mobility has joined forces with Skyrisks, a key player in the field of AAM insurance solutions, to investigate appropriate frameworks and ways of working between eVTOL OEMs and insurance companies to ensure effective and efficient insurance policies can be in place for eVTOL OEMs and operators. They will assess key parameters for eVTOL insurability and propose methodologies to measure them, evaluate the drivers of insurance costs and how design decisions may affect them, and investigate appropriate insurance methodologies for eVTOL needs during design, testing, prototyping, certification and operation phases.

The partnership will allow the companies to share specialist insights, identifying and mitigating the risks associated with eVTOLs. They will also exchange key technical data to allow for accurate risk assessment and to create policies that respond effectively to the needs of all parties involved. The two companies are fully committed to bridging the gap in the eVTOL industry, where a strong mutual understanding between manufacturers and insurers is absolutely crucial.

"From the very inception of our Integrity eVTOL's design, our commitment to efficient insurance coverage has been paramount. This collaboration with Skyrisks marks a pivotal agreement, where our dedication to minimising operating costs while preserving quality for our customers aligns seamlessly with its disruptive insurance expertise," says Crisalion COO Óscar Lara Rapp. "As an eVTOL OEM, we bring to the table our extensive knowledge in design and manufacturing, while Skyrisks brings specialised insurance insights. Together, we are shaping the present of innovative mobility."

"Electric aviation promises to have a lasting positive impact on the world by offering safe, efficient and affordable travel. Issues of insurance and risk are at the heart of commercial success, which is why Crisalion and Skyrisks are partnering in the development of AAM insurance," adds Skyrisks CEO Alistair Blundy. "We are drawing on each other's varied expertise as we analyse emerging risks and create insurance that helps propel the industry to global success."

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