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Crisalion Mobility   (Spain)

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News from Business Air News
Crisalion to create an AAM action plan with Kookiejar
April 15, 2024
The scalable, modular construction of Kookiejar vertiports allows commercial real estate to be easily fly-ready. Crisalion will assess suitability for operations of its Integrity eVTOL.
Spanish Ministry invests in Crisalion Mobility
January 11, 2024
The Spanish government has awarded around $6m to the Spanish electric mobility company toward the development and roll out of its air and ground solutions.
Crisalion and Bluenest to develop AAM integration in Europe and Latin America
December 19, 2023
They will perform advanced tests to drive progress in integrating eVTOLs and vertiports prior to real commercial operations, with a view to a swift market uptake in Spain, Europe and then scale up worldwide.
November 30, 2023Crisalion Mobility to develop eVTOL insurance with Skyrisks
November 23, 2023Crisalion tasks Valtrans with distribution in the Gulf
October 30, 2023UMILES Next becomes Crisalion Mobility
October 31, 2022Concept Integrity completes second test flight in Spain
October 20, 2022UMILES’s air taxi makes debut flight in Europe’s urban airspace
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