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Europe welcomes AW09 with 10 unit contract by Léman Aviation
The launch of the AW09 programme in France comes with tremendous interest from the market, and Léman Aviation looks forward to addressing it as established European distributors discuss inclusion of the model.
Kopter head of global sales AW09 Christian Gras, Léman co-founder Nicolas Miras, Leonardo SVP marketing and sales hélicopter division Stefano Villanti, Léman co-founder Vincent Pollet, Leonardo sales manager for lessors and investors Valerio Spadoni and Leonardo SVP commercial market development and global accounts Paul de Jong van Ellemeet.
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The number of global partners for the Leonardo AW09 next generation single-engine helicopter has grown further with the addition of Léman Aviation, which has signed preliminary sales contracts for 10 units.

Following its acquisition of Alpes Hélicoptères earlier this year, Léman Aviation offers sales and acquisitions services, co-ownership programmes, helicopter operations and charter management, maintenance and training. It has a strong presence in Monaco and the French Riviera.

Léman Aviation joins the consensus around the AW09 programme and market potential as established European distributors of Leonardo Helicopters are discussing extending their collaboration and distributorship mandates to include the AW09 in the continent. The OEM has already extended its AW09 market this year with partnerships and distribution agreements made in North and Latin America, Africa and Asia, some leading to end-user orders. The total number of preliminary sales contracts should reach 80 units globally by year-end.

“The AW09 continues to generate a very positive response from all geographies worldwide as the programme development progresses,” says Leonardo managing director Gian Piero Cutillo. “Rotorcraft companies highly welcome the AW09 for its outstanding characteristics and multirole capabilities that represent a significant evolution compared to existing products in this category. The additional preliminary sales contracts signed now in Europe provide clear evidence of it.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Leonardo on the AW09 programme. This milestone allows Léman Aviation to strengthen its helicopter service portfolio of charter flights, fractional ownership, asset management and aircraft transactions,” add co-founders Vincent Pollet and Nicolas Miras. “The launch of the AW09 programme in France comes with tremendous interest from the market, and we look forward to addressing it with this single-engine helicopter.”

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Amaro Aviation inks AW09 acquisition for Brazil launch debut
January 8, 2024
The contract, signed in December, guarantees exclusive access to the AW09, a Swiss single engine with four-axis automatic pilot that should be certified in 2025. It positions Amaro Aviation as launch customer in Brazil.
Test of all-SAF heli flight shows Jet AI-equivalence
December 11, 2023
The first wholly SAF-powered flight of an AW139 with PT6C-67C engines has taken place at Leonardo's facility in Italy. Tests showed no significant differences with the new fuel compared to the use of Jet A1.
ADA AW139 makes first SAF flight in UAE
December 5, 2023
The first, and second, SAF-powered rotorcraft flight in the UAE and Middle East have been undertaken by Abu Dhabi Aviation’s AW139 commercial helicopter.