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Avionica claims flight data management transformation with avSARA
Avionica's avSARA FDM/PWI offers a comprehensive and streamlined approach to data-driven decision-making, fuel efficiency and operational excellence. It says it is set to transform aviation safety and collaboration.
An L2 installation team.

Aviation data collection developer Avionica has launched avSARA FDM/PWI (powered by ERGOSS), a hardware and software solution that could revolutionise flight data recording, immediate data transfer, flight data monitoring and the pilot web interface for both commercial and business jet pilots.

“We have created a solution to empower operators to take control of their data to make better-informed decisions and, when switching to the avSARA FDM/PWI hardware and software solution, users can feel confident that this is a safe investment for a long-term flight data management strategy,” says vice president of commercial Claudia Espinosa.

Avionica's hardware, kits, STC, flight analytics, pilot application, support, perpetual warranty and installation redefine seamless operations, eliminating complexity and making operations safer and more efficient.

The avSARA FDM/PWI bundled offering features:

- Low latency: near real-time data transmission and analysis, crucial for MOQA and pilot programmes.

- Reliable data access: this solution ensures a minimum 99 per cent delivery rate of flight data within minutes of landing.

- Compact and lightweight: the compact design and lightweight construction minimise the impact on install times and incremental fuel burn.

- 'Discreteless' connectivity: the operator can simplify installation and maintenance with wireless flight data solutions, minimising the need for cumbersome wired connections.

- Certified installations: this platform is certified for installation on over 400 aircraft models.

- Activation on installation: there is no lag time for additional onboarding; this solution activates on installation for immediate analytics.

- PWI pre-flight: operators can aggregate data for informed fuel decisions and departure briefings, ensuring pilots have access to near real-time essential data.

- PWI post-flight: secure access to individual pilot flight history data for self-analysis and optimisation.

- Custom and dynamic dashboards: tailor data analysis aligned with operational priorities.

- Cloud-native: built natively for the cloud, avSARA ensures seamless updates and access from anywhere, anytime.

- Real-time testing: replaying over one million flights in under 45 minutes, perfect for safety and maintenance analytics.

- User-customisable reports: access dynamic pages and contextual reports with a single click for detailed analysis.

- Integration capabilities: open database access and integration with external BI tools, along with user-defined automation.

As part of Avionica's avSARA FDM/PWI solution, installation services are included by FAA certified repair station L2 Aviation. The L2 installation team ensures equipment installation is at the location of clients' choice, minimising downtime and expense, and providing value sooner.

“L2 Aviation is excited to partner with Avionica, to lend our on-site avionics installation and troubleshooting expertise to Avionica's customers," says L2 president and CEO Mark Lebovitz. "Avionica has clearly set the standard for providing quality and performance products to allow operators to maximise efficiency in every aspect of aircraft operation. L2 Aviation's RAMS division stands ready to support this mission by minimising aircraft downtime as well as the costs and risks associated with aircraft relocation.”

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