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BLR STC gives PT6 engines higher certified performances
BLR's STC is approved for winglet performance up to 14,000lb MTOW for King Air 200 series. This extends winglet benefits to earlier model King Air 200 aircraft with high float gear.
The FAA has certified a King Air 200 series STC increasing MTOW up to 14,000lb when the aircraft is fitted with BLR winglets, high flotation landing gear and a Centex Halo 275 STC (SA11103SC).

BLR Aerospace has received FAA certification of a King Air 200 series STC increasing maximum take off weight (MTOW) up to 14,000lb when the aircraft is fitted with BLR winglets, high flotation landing gear and a Centex Halo 275 STC (SA11103SC). The same STC increases MROW to 13,420lb if the aircraft has a Centex Halo 250 STC (SA11103SC) applied.

With this STC, operators with PT6A-42 and PT6A-52 engines can now take advantage of certified performance up to the Centex Halo STC-certified gross weight limits. Performance data is published in the new accompanying Airplane Flight Manual Supplements (AFMS).

The advantages of the STC for aircraft include significant reductions in ground roll and take off distances; improvements in stall speeds; and general improvements in low-speed handling for the higher weight. BLR winglets with their FAA-approved King Air AFMS have always provided performance improvements that significantly improve take off and climb performance.

Additionally, a new AFMS received FAA approval that extends BLR winglet performance to include B200 and B200C aircraft operating with high float landing gear. This move expands the winglet performance benefit currently enjoyed by King Air 250/260 models to earlier models of the aircraft. This change gives operators the full range of available benefits in the form of certified performance charts, maximising the value of their winglet investment.

“BLR's focus remains on providing the most benefit to customers who install our winglets on their aircraft,” says president Mike Carpenter. “These expansions of configuration capability and increased flexibility, while allowing customers to continue to reap the full climb rate and stability they rely on from their winglet installations, are just our latest delivery on that promise.”

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Hartzell service centre doubles warranty length
February 27, 2024
The Hartzell Service Center's warranty on work performed at its FAA-certified repair station in Piqua, Ohio is now two years or 2,000 flight hours, whichever occurs first, extended from one year or 1,000 flight hours.
Blackhawk delivers first installed Autothrottle/Autoland-enabled G1000 NXi upgrade
January 22, 2024
While King Airs are known for their versatility, they can sometimes be demanding for the crew. BAT has installed its first Autothrottle and Autoland on a B200 to increase operational safety.
Trimec gains STC for Falcon 2000/EX with InSight upgrade
January 22, 2024
Trimec Aviation is ready to work with Falcon 2000/EX operators to upgrade irreplaceable CDUs and FMS for the Pro Line 4 cockpit. It's a great way to extend operating efficiency, increase payload and enhance pilot safety.