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High performance prop enters service with ExecuJet Charter
The new McCauley C780 offers King Air customer ExecuJet Charter Service increased performance, a quieter cabin and greater efficiency.
ExecuJet Charter Services's King Air 350 has the latest C780 propeller installed.
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Florida-based ExecuJet Charter Services has had the latest C780 propeller for the Beechcraft King Air B300 series installed on a King Air 350 at Textron Aviation's Tampa service centre. The McCauley Propeller Systems prop achieved FAA type certification in July 2023. It features four aluminium swept blades and a 105-inch diameter.

“I have always had tremendous reliability and service with the McCauley product line,” says director of maintenance Robert Jones. “We couldn't be more thrilled. The aircraft is going to look and perform incredibly well.”

“The new McCauley C780 offers King Air customers increased performance, a quieter cabin and greater efficiency,” says McCauley VP and general manager Heidi McNary. "For 85 years, McCauley has been committed to delivering creative solutions and driving customers forward with its pioneering designs and strategies. We look forward to continuing to support the future of flight and legendary aircraft like the Beechcraft King Air."

With the new C780 propeller, King Air B300 owners and operators will experience:

- Propeller weight savings of more than 50lbs

- Increased take off and climb performance

- Reduced noise in the cabin and cockpit

- Extended Time Between Overhaul (TBO) of 5,000 hours or 72 months

- Textron's 4,000 hours or 36 month limited propeller warranty

King Air B300 customers can have the propeller installed on their aircraft at a Textron service centre or authorised McCauley service facility without any additional modifications required.

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