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ASQS puts Beams in spotlight for AI-derived safety analysis
Safety is a fundamental objective but analysing data can be a challenge for people to undertake. Not so for AI, which can generate faster and more accurate insights to mitigate risk.
ASQS CEO Günther Schindl.

Aviation safety, quality and risk management software company ASQS is to team up with AI insights provider Beams.

Safety is a fundamental objective, and safety management systems integrate safety into all aspects of an aviation organisation's operations, supporting operators to address safety risks in a systematic, proactive way.

Safety reporting and the collection and analysis of information on actual or potential safety deficiencies play a crucial role in this process and are, in fact, the core element of risk management in aviation. However, analysing vast amounts of reports and data in real time to identify risks and predict future threats is a huge challenge for humans.

This is where AI is relevant: it surpasses human speed and accuracy in identifying and predicting aviation risks, and allows access to historical data to create risk assessments with richer insights.

"ASQS has been a market leader in providing advanced safety management software and technologies to the aviation industry for many years, and we are very proud of that," says CEO Günther Schindl. "Our partnership with Beams will significantly expand our artificial intelligence capabilities and enable us to deliver the latest innovations to our customers at an unprecedented pace. This will enable us to revolutionise the safety and risk management landscape and provide our customers with new, premium features that exceed their expectations."

Beams CEO Alan Sternberg adds: "Real-time data evaluation plays a crucial role in aviation safety and is rapidly evolving with the use of software. AI-based information processing is essential for addressing the industry's challenges in risk assessment and impact, enabling continuous adaptation and capability development. Together, ASQS and Beams offer the aviation industry a market-available and future-proof solution."

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