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The journey is far from over as GlobeAir celebrates 15 years
As the leaves turn golden this autumn, Citation Mustang fleet operator GlobeAir is celebrating a significant milestone; its 15th anniversary.
GlobeAir CEO and visionary Bernhard Fragner.

In 2007, the aviation industry was on the verge of a transformation. The demand for personalised, efficient and luxurious air travel steadily rose as business professionals, athletes and entrepreneurs sought alternatives to long, tiring journeys. During this period of change and opportunity, GlobeAir was conceived, with a vision to revolutionise short haul travel.

The company was founded by passionate aviator CEO Bernhard Fragner. Equipped with a private pilot licence and a deep understanding of the needs of modern travellers, Fragner envisioned a service that would transform air travel from a luxury to a necessity. His firsthand experience with the challenges of business travel fuelled his determination to create a solution that would save time and ensure the wellbeing of busy professionals.

Fragner remembers: “Being on the road was tiring and, at times, even dangerous. Those seemingly endless drives to engage with clients were replaced by flights aboard my co-owned Cessna 310, a change that created quality time and safeguarded my wellbeing. During these flights, I realised the pressing need for a service that would redefine the concept of business travel through a private jet charter company.”

From its beginnings at Hörsching, Linz, Austria, interest in GlobeAir quickly took off. The initial years were marked by meticulous planning, securing investments and laying a solid foundation for the future. Fragner’s vision attracted the attention of investors like Friedrich Huemer, who was impressed by the commitment and potential of the venture. Laborious periods were spent partially in the US and Europe, working tirelessly to bring the vision to life.

Like any start up, GlobeAir faced its share of challenges. Competition was fierce, with over 25 other start-ups fighting for a percentage of the market. However, GlobeAir says it distinguished itself through well thought out decisions, strong leadership and a relentless focus on customer service.

On 15 September, 2008 GlobeAir embarked on its maiden voyage with its first passenger, Gerald Schmidsberger. Fragner piloted the flight from Linz to Osnabrück.

Over the years, GlobeAir’s fleet has expanded and evolved, maintaining a homogeneous white livery that ensures privacy and discretion for passengers. Today, it comprises 21 Cessna Citation Mustangs, capable of reaching speeds up to 340 knots, equipped with Pratt & Whitney engines and Garmin avionics. The choice of these aircraft was strategic, focusing on speed, safety and cost-effectiveness.

The four seat aircraft offers business and leisure travellers an economic advantage over seven seat private jets. Continuous efforts to upgrade and maintain the fleet have played a significant role in GlobeAir's success.

GlobeAir has forged partnerships with aviation manufacturers and software providers such as Cessna, Pratt & Whitney, Garmin and Jeppesen. It has also been a proud partner of the EBAA since 2010, working to promote the interests of the business aviation community in Europe, and has created a network of affiliates who share its values around service, quality and elegance to offer private aircraft charter and create experiences.

“The best brand partnerships are natural pairings of brands that feel authentic to both. When you see one brand partner with another, it should feel like the two belong together. We aim for that when bringing new partners into our ecosystem,” says vice president, sales and marketing Jonathan Berdoz.

With a strong connection to motorsports, GlobeAir has successful partnerships and friendships with Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake (Sauber Racing) and Lechner Racing, where it is the official partner, offering efficient travel solutions for the team. Another successful collaboration has been with watchmaker Jacob & Co; two companies that share a passion for performance, efficiency and quality timekeeping.

The DreamTeam is the powerhouse behind GlobeAir's success, comprising over 30 nationalities of highly skilled aviation professionals. They live by Fragner's mantra: 'passion into profession'. From pilots to office employees, maintenance staff to training personnel, every team member plays a vital role in ensuring the smooth operation of the business. Here, diversity is not just a buzzword, it's a reality celebrated daily. The team comprises individuals from over 30 nationalities, bringing the company a rich mix of cultures, languages and perspectives. This diversity fosters a vibrant, inclusive work environment where ideas flourish and innovation is encouraged, creating a dynamic and united workplace in its pursuit of excellence.

Sustainability has been the talk in every industry, and private aviation is no exception. Over the years, the sector has witnessed a shift, with an increasing emphasis on adopting eco-friendly practices and reducing carbon footprints. GlobeAir has been at the forefront of this green revolution, embodying a commitment to fostering a sustainable future.

In recent years, private aviation companies have initiated measures to reduce their environmental impact. “As a role model for bizav, GlobeAir has recognised the importance of leading the charge on sustainability. We are constantly setting aside resources to reach our green goals following the 2030 SDGs by introducing sustainable measures that can make a difference,” says Fragner.

GlobeAir continues to create a sustainable ecosystem by partnering with like-minded organisations such as Formula E, Sunreef Yachting and Lilium due to their ethical approach. This journey began in February 2020 by creating a carbon offset programme that supports global and European initiatives under the slogan #WeArePlanetA. The GlobeAir carbon offset programme allows passengers to receive tradable carbon offset certificates by contributing to the various environmental projects it supports.

The #DreamTeam's efforts have led to the establishment of a CSR committee to investigate the use of sustainable aviation fuel. It aims to educate our passengers on what SAF is, why it is safe and how it can be used. GlobeAir believes that getting to Net Zero will require collaboration from all sectors of the aviation industry and incentive-based support from governments.

The company has also introduced the #DreamTeam for Climate JetCard, a membership programme that makes it easy for clients to prove their commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions through CH4 and CO2 capture. It has also signed an MoU with Lilium to purchase 12 of its eVTOL jets, to operate in northern Italy and the French Riviera.

The future looks bright and promising. The company has several exciting initiatives lined up and plans to build a 1,200sqm hangar, maintain a strong focus on digitalisation and explore new partnerships.

“The need-to-fly company segment is becoming more and more important. With the settlement of GlobeAir, both the infrastructure and the range of services at Linz airport will be significantly increased,” says Markus Achleitner, economic provincial councillor Upper Austria.

The vision for the next 15 years is clear; to continue to be the beacon of innovation, vision and relentless dedication in the private aviation industry, offering unparalleled service and experiences to customers worldwide.