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The monthly news publication for aviation professionals.

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AI-powered charter app is out now
CharterGPT automates the manual process of booking a private jet through natural language processing and is available now for download on the iOS store.

The AI-powered charter booking application CharterGPT has been approved for release by both Apple and Jet.AI and is now live in the iOS store. The CharterGPT app communicates with both consumers and charter operators to reduce the time spent by a broker as the human-in-the-loop, with the assistance of natural language processing.

“Customers now have the power and convenience of an impressive, real-world application of transformative AI technology that is efficient, knowledgeable and fun to use,” says Jet.AI founder and executive chairman Mike Winston. “We're at the vanguard of bringing AI to the aviation industry. Private aviation is a great place to start where we can control more, understand more, and establish credibility and scalability before we expand to broader applications in aviation.”

The next iteration of the app, due in September, is expected to integrate with Stripe for payments.

The company says that of the roughly 2,350 Part 135 charter operators in the US, 80 per cent have fewer than ten aircraft and 60 per cent have fewer than five. These operators function as something akin to miniature airlines and can be hard to get a charter quote from. CharterGPT is designed to help weed through, and obtain responses from, these smaller operators via outbound, interactive, natural language communication.

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