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VOO integrates with Skylegs to facilitate flight scheduling integration
The partnership allows Skylegs operators to offer their fleets in the VOO marketplace, giving them an additional sales channel integrated into their core software.

B2B private jet charter marketplace VOO has integrated with operator aviation management platform Skylegs in a move that covers essential flight scheduling functionalities, thereby enabling more efficient charter sales and providing traceability, real-time availability, convenience and seamless operations leading to bookings.

By synchronising the schedule with VOO, users will be able to search, book and pay for all their charters based on accurate and real-time information. All processes in the flight planning and execution phases will now be automated, eliminating the need for two separate systems working simultaneously on the same tasks. Skylegs automatically sends the aircraft schedule to VOO, delivering real-time availability and aircraft location information that VOO uses to calculate and provide accurate and valid charter prices. Once a trip is confirmed in VOO, it is immediately sent to Skylegs, where the operator manages crew, passengers, checklists and all other mission details before the flights take place.

Skylegs has a number of flight scheduling, rostering and agenda tools specially made for the aviation industry. With the aircraft schedule tools, different activities for the aircraft can be booked through VOO, for example, missions, flights, aircraft positioning, optional flights, reservations, maintenance programmes and others. Additionally, the team can access the schedule from any computer, phone or tablet. Thanks to VOO's smart data transfer, the flight can be quickly imported into the Skylegs operations module.

This automation increases the daily operational performance, as all the data from the sealed deal can now be transferred to the operational teams. VOO calculates accurate quotes so brokers can book instantly, and payments can be made 24/7 with VOOpay, even on weekends and holidays, all with maximum speed and high security of data transfer provided by VOO.

“The partnership allows our operators to offer their fleet in the VOO innovative marketplace. It provides them with an additional sales channel seamlessly integrated into their core software, Skylegs. It is our privilege to work together with Robert and his team, who are pioneering this side of the business,” says Skylegs MD Maxim Schelfhout.

“This integration will allow us to provide operators already working with Skylegs with an enhanced charter booking experience. While VOO focuses on reducing the quantity and improving the quality of charter bookings for brokers and operators, Skylegs encompasses the complex process of flight management and the critical aspect of streamlining operations to maximise efficiency. We are very pleased with the way the integration testing phase has been completed and look forward to the future benefits of this partnership for all parties,” adds VOO CEO and partner Robert Plhak.

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