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The monthly news publication for aviation professionals.

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Journey makes Gulfstream additions to charter fleet
A G550 and a GIVSP are now available for domestic and international travel through Journey Aviation as it continues to grow its charter fleet.
The GIVSP exterior

Journey Aviation continues to grow its charter fleet with the addition of two Gulfstreams, a G550 and a GIVSP. These additions bring the company’s fleet to 22 aircraft, of which there are 18 heavy jets available for domestic and international flights.

The Gulfstream G550 has an ultra long-range performance of 6,750 nm to ensure over 12 hours of non-stop flight. This aircraft also offers a spacious floor plan with a 14 passenger executive configuration, beautiful 2023 renovated modern interior, complimentary domestic wi-fi and the latest cabin amenities.

The GIVSP, with its long-range performance of 4,200 nm, is perfect for domestic coast-to-coast and international travel. This aircraft offers a spacious floor plan with 14 passenger executive configuration, all individual captains chairs, newly renovated 2022 modern interior and complimentary domestic and international wi-fi options.

CEO Fabian Bello says: “It is a pleasure to announce the latest additions to our charter fleet this summer. The beautiful interiors of both aircraft and amenities therein properly reflect our standards in excellence. We look forward to continuing to offer the best in class aircraft with personalised crews and service on every flight.”

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