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Versatile PC-12/47E is a stunning choice for Diamond Sky
Diamond Sky is a business and private aviation company, offering aircraft management, charter, cargo and commercial flights, having global network of customers and partners. It is well versed in Pilatus aircraft.
Ken Koort is chairman of the board at Diamond Sky.
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Estonia’s Diamond Sky has added a Pilatus PC-12/47E to its fleet. “The decision to acquire and operate the Pilatus PC-12/47E was primarily driven by its exceptional performance, versatility and efficiency, and from the support of our clients,” says president and CEO Ken Koort. “Its spacious and comfortable cabin can accommodate up to nine passengers, making it an ideal choice for business and leisure trips. Additionally, the aircraft’s advanced avionics, safety features and reliable turboprop engine provide a sense of security during flights.”

The PC-12/47E is renowned for its versatility. It can take off and land on shorter runways, including those in remote or challenging locations, providing access to a wider range of airports and destinations. Direct operating costs are said to be much lower than with any other jet this size.

Koort continues: “The aircraft has an impressive range, allowing it to cover longer distances without the need for frequent refuelling stops. This feature makes it suitable for both short regional hops and longer international journeys.

“Also, this aircraft has a strong safety record and is equipped with various safety features, including a robust airframe design, de-icing systems and stall protection systems, ensuring a safe flying experience. It has been performing really well. The aircraft’s powerful turboprop engine provides impressive performance, including a high cruising speed and excellent climb rates.

“We are excited to offer frequent flights to nearby capitals and cities, catering to the needs of business travellers seeking quick and efficient connections. From a leisure perspective, we anticipate high demand for flights to various golf courses all over Europe, allowing travellers to land at grass airports conveniently. Additionally, we foresee trips to Norway for fishing enthusiasts, with access to mountain airports. Popular destinations include Georgia, Turkey, Bulgaria, and Italy.”

Diamond Sky is a business and private aviation company, offering aircraft management, charter, cargo and commercial flights, having a global network of customers and partners.

Its fleet consists of eight managed aircraft: a Diamond DA62, Piaggio P.180 Avanti, Nextant 400XTi, Britten-Norman Islander BN2B, Cessna 510 Citation Mustang, Pilatus PC-12 NGX and Airbus EC130. It partners with the Estonian government to provide regular flights to Kardla airport from Tallinn with a Saab 340 and flights from summer capital Parnu to the small island of Ruhnu.

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