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Aeroauto to set up eVTOL dealerships across the US
By partnering with trusted Fly2RV airport FBO brands already serving private pilots, aircraft owners and vehicle renters, Aeroauto aims to build familiarity with eVTOLs and encourage take up at a local level across the US.

Aeroauto, an eVTOL showroom/dealership and advanced aerial mobility systems integrator, is planning to explore setting up a master distribution agreement for eVTOL vehicles and related infrastructure with over 100 of Fly2RV's partner FBOs around the US.

Fly2RV is a leading provider of commercial and general aviation airport recreational vehicle (RV) rentals offering customers an easy, convenient way to rent an RV at over 100 participating airport FBOs. The partnership aims to make eVTOLs more accessible to mainstream consumers by allowing them to purchase and service the vehicles at their local airports.

As a pioneer in the emerging advanced aerial mobility market, Aeroauto has worked with eVTOL manufacturers and infrastructure providers to enable an air taxi network to transport people and goods. The company is a one-stop shop for all eVTOL needs whether individual, commercial, municipal, emergency or security services, and currently offers several models of eVTOLs for purchase. Aeroauto, through strategic partners, helps Fly2RV's partner FBOs, vertiports and airports install the charging and landing infrastructure to support eVTOL aircraft.

Customers will be able to view, test drive and purchase Aeroauto's eVTOLs at participating Fly2RV FBO locations in 2023 and beyond through this partnership. The FBOs will handle the vehicles' sales, service, charging and storage using infrastructure installed by Aeroauto partner companies. The company expects this 'neighbourhood flying car dealership' model to significantly boost the adoption of eVTOLs by making them more visible and accessible to everyday consumers.

"Our vision is for eVTOLs to become a mainstream mode of transportation, which requires making them available in people's communities," says Aeronauto CEO Sean Borman. "By partnering with trusted Fly2RV FBO brands already serving private pilots, aircraft owners and RV renters, we aim to build familiarity and comfort with eVTOLs locally.”

"We are thrilled to embark on this partnership with Aeroauto," adds Fly2RV founder Jim Schivley. "Our shared vision and commitment to innovation will enable us to shape the future of urban air mobility. Together, we will establish a network of world-class facilities that will support the growth of eVTOL transportation and offer exceptional services to our customers."

Aeroauto will provide initial and ongoing training and certification for FBO staff.

Other News
Tampa hosts first Volocopter test flight in Florida
November 9, 2023
Airport, city and state officials gathered at Tampa International airport recently to witness the first ever eVTOL aircraft test flight at a large US airport, as well as the first in the state of Florida.
Eve inks urban ATM deal with South Korea
October 4, 2023
Moviation aims to deliver a secure and reliable UAM service by leveraging the latest technology. This includes the integration of the urban air traffic management in close collaboration with Eve.
DA42-VI flies on SAF for first time
October 2, 2023
The goal is to make the training of future Lufthansa Group pilots more sustainable and environmentally friendly. The results of the piston flight test series will show whether SAF can be used as the sole fuel for the EFA fleet.