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P&WC passes 6,000 PW3000 engine milestone
With 6,000 PW3000 engines under its belt, the OEM has proved its enduring appeal and performance. The 1,000th PW308C turbofan has just gone to Dassault for a Falcon 2000 fit out.
A PW308C turbofan engine of the type destined for Dassault.

Pratt & Whitney Canada has delivered the 1,000th PW308C turbofan engine to Dassault Aviation for the Falcon 2000 series. The company also achieved production of the 6,000th engine in the overall PW300 family, which it says has changed the face of business aviation.

The PW308C served Dassault's intention with the Falcon 2000 to combine the aircraft's short-field capabilities with transcontinental range. It was also the first Dassault business jet to be fully conceived with digital design software. To this day, the Falcon 2000 is the company's top selling business aircraft in the Falcon family.

Pratt & Whitney Canada's collaboration with Dassault Aviation began 60 years ago, when the original Mystère-Falcon 20 launched with JT12 engines. The collaboration grew as its PW307A/D engines were selected to power the Falcon 7X and 8X. The PW812D-powered Falcon 6X will enter into service this year.

The PW300 engine also powers aircraft from Textron, which is the only airframe OEM to use P&WC engines to power helicopters, turboprops and business jets; the fleet of P&WC-powered Textron aircraft has flown 350 million hours, more than one third of the hours flown by the entire P&WC fleet at one billion hours. The PW300 also powers premier platforms such as the Gulfstream G200, the Bombardier Learjet 60, the Dornier 328Jet and Virgin Galactic's WhiteKnightTwo. The engine family has flown 26 million hours and currently powers 2,500 aircraft around the world.

This year, P&WC is also celebrating one billion hours flown by its entire engine fleet, and the company will be celebrating this and other milestones throughout 2023.

“The PW308C engine is special, as its selection at the National Business Aviation Association in 2000 was the first time Dassault opted for one of our engines for its prestigious business jet portfolio,” says vice president, sales and marketing Anthony Rossi. “The PW300 family of engines made its debut at the 1985 NBAA, and the 6,000th engine milestone is ample proof of the engine's enduring appeal in the business aviation community, its exceptional performance and its ability to constantly reinvent itself.”

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