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Jet Aviation ensures SAF on tap for EBACE visitors
In 2019, Jet Aviation was the first supplier to offer sustainable fuel via a blended fuel option at Van Nuys airport in California. Then in 2020, the company brought a supply of SAF to the World Economic Forum.
Jet Aviation is looking to increase the availability of SAF.

Jet Aviation partnered with TotalEnergies to provide sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) for owners and operators visiting its Geneva FBO in Switzerland during the 2023 EBACE. This is the second year Jet Aviation has provided on-site SAF for visitors there.

Jet Aviation imported a stock of 30 per cent blend SAF for the conference in Geneva from TotalEnergies, a global multi-energy company that produces biofuels. It was made available to owners and operators visiting Jet Aviation's Geneva FBO during the show.

“We are delighted to renew our partnership with TotalEnergies to bring SAF to EBACE again this year,” says Joao Martins, Jet Aviation's vice president of FBO operations in Europe and general manager for Zurich. “SAF is an important part of our efforts towards a more sustainable future for the industry and for Jet Aviation. We were the first company to bring SAF to Switzerland, in a temporary supply for the World Economic Forum 2020, and since then we have continued to work in partnership with various stakeholders to increase availability in the region and worldwide. I would like to thank the fuel teams from our Geneva and from our Zurich FBOs for their combined efforts in making this possible for our customers, as well as our partners at Geneva airport and at TotalEnergies.”

In 2019, Jet Aviation was the first supplier to offer sustainable fuel via a blended fuel option at Van Nuys airport in California. In 2020, the company brought a temporary supply of SAF to Switzerland for the World Economic Forum, and in 2021 a permanent supply of SAF was introduced in Jet Aviation Amsterdam, followed by Singapore in 2022. That same year, the company signed the World Economic Forums' 2030 ambition statement, 'Clean Skies for Tomorrow'. Jet Aviation also makes SAF available for any customer worldwide through Book & Claim and says it is the only company in the world to offer custom blends of SAF at its FBO at Seletar airport.

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