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UAS expands network in Balkans with Flystar
UAS clients will now have a local supervisor onsite at 23 international airports across the Balkans thanks to its partnership with Flystar.
Flystar founder Ana Marojević with UAS co-owner, founder and CEO Omar Hosari.
Read this story in our June 2023 printed issue.

UAS International Trip Support has entered a strategic partnership with flight support solutions provider Flystar that will see it expand its global network of onsite supervisors into the heart of the Balkans.

UAS clients across Montenegro, Croatia, Serbia, Albania, Bosnia and Hercegovina, North Macedonia, Slovenia and Kosovo can now benefit from having a local UAS supervisor onsite to deliver priority ground handling, dedicated supervision and the convenience of liaising with a single source for all trip support services at pivotal business aviation gateways. UAS clients also benefit from competitive pricing with tailored pricing packages to help operators optimise their operations costs.

UAS clients will now enjoy greater access to, and priority at, these stations:

- Albania: Tirana (LATI), Kukes (LAKU)

- Bosnia and Herzegovina: Sarajevo (LQSA), Mostar (LQMO), Tuzla (LQTZ), Banja Luka (LQBK)

- Croatia: Zagreb (LDZA), Dubrovnik (LDDU), Zadar (LDZD), Pula (LDPL), Rijeka (LDRI), Osijek (LDOS), Brac (LDSB)

- Kosovo: Pristina (BKPR)

- Montenegro: Tivat (LYTV) and Podgorica (LYPG)

- North Macedonia: Skopje (LWSK), Ohrid (LWOH)

- Serbia: Belgrade (LYBE), Nis (LYNI)

- Slovenia: Ljubljana (LJLJ), Maribor (LJMB), Portoroz (LJPZ)

Founded in Montenegro in 2011, Flystar provides high quality ground handling services for scheduled and non-scheduled flights, charter, private and cargo flights, diplomatic, military and ambulance flights and operates at 23 international airports across the Balkan region.

Flystar has made a huge impact since its establishment and become a crucial player in the regional business aviation environment. We're excited to work closely to solidify our presence in the Balkans. We intend to continue to grow our global network organically and by entering strategic partnerships such as this to provide our clients with the same top-quality flight experience consistently wherever they go,” says UAS co-owner and founder and CEO Omar Hosari.

''We are delighted to bring our long term partnership with UAS to a whole new level. I believe this partnership will increase the attractiveness of the Balkan region, which has a major potential for growth. We are glad that UAS sees us as a strong and reliable partner that will deliver high-quality services to its clients. The client is always our priority,” adds Flystar founder Ana Marojević.

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