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Atlantic Aviation

Atlantic Aviation
FBO/Handler (Hilo International / Hawaii Island)

Atlantic Aviation
FBO/Handler (Ellison Onizuka Kona International at Keahole / Hawaii Island)

Atlantic Aviation
FBO/Handler (Lihue / Kauai Island)

Atlantic Aviation
FBO/Handler (Kahului / Maui Island)

Atlantic Aviation
FBO/Handler (Daniel K Inouye International / Honolulu)

Atlantic Aviation
FBO/Handler (Lanai / Lanai Island)

Honolulu (Daniel K Inouye International) Airport

Maui Island (Kahului) Airport

Hawaii Island (Ellison Onizuka Kona Intl at Keahole) Airport

Kauai Island (Lihue) Airport

Hawaii Island (Hilo International) Airport

Lanai (Lanai Island) Airport

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Atlantic celebrates Hawaiian additions
They may now go under the umbrella of Atlantic Aviation, but six Hawaii FBOs will still be handing out the lei garlands when passengers come to the islands.
Atlantic has transitioned all six of its Air Service Hawaii locations to Atlantic Aviation branding and operational standards.

US FBO network Atlantic Aviation has completed the transition of all six Air Service Hawaii locations to Atlantic Aviation branding and operational standards. While signage, vehicles and staff uniforms all reflect the familiar Atlantic look and feel, the well-known Hawaiian hospitality and warmth at each facility remains unchanged, perhaps symbolised best by the company continuing the long-standing tradition of presenting Hawaiian floral leis to arriving passengers and crew members at every location.

Atlantic's locations in Hawaii include Honolulu, Maui/Kahului, Kona, Kauai/Lihue, Hilo and Lanai. Later this year Atlantic will be completing work on a new 38,000 sq ft hangar and 5,000 sq ft executive terminal at Kona International airport. The facilities there will be a first for the island of Hawaii and will feature a host of amenities from the ability to accommodate large cabin aircraft to providing concierge services for passengers and their crews. In addition, Atlantic's Hawaiian locations at Honolulu, Maui/Kahului and Hilo have US Customs services available.

“Whether as a destination or as a stopover for international flights, serving customers in the western Pacific is very important to us,” says senior vice president of operations, Pacific region Steve Hirschfeld. “And just as important is doing so in a way that preserves the personality, culture and amazing environment of Hawaii. I'm proud to say we've accomplished just that, and we look forward to continuing the rich aviation heritage of the Islands.”

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Lilium to prepare Atlantic network for regional eVTOL operations
March 14, 2024
Lilium is to help electrify existing airport infrastructure across Atlantic Aviation's US FBO network to ensure the compatibility of current and future vertiports with Lilium Jets in support of regional air mobility  .
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March 11, 2024
NBAA launches its 'Fueling the Future' programme with Cutter Aviation as a way of financially supporting the association's advocacy efforts.
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February 19, 2024
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