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IADA names Levaero VP as international committee chair
Stan Kuliavas replaces founding chair of the IADA international committee Zipporah Marmor, vice president of aircraft transactions at ACASS in Canada. He is VP of the Canadian distributor for Pilatus aircraft.
Levaero Aviation Group vice president sales and business development Stan Kuliavas.

The International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA) has a new leader at the helm of its international committee, Toronto-headquartered Levaero Aviation Group vice president sales and business development Stan Kuliavas. In addition to being the exclusive Canadian distributor for the Pilatus PC-12 and PC-24, Levaero also specialises in aircraft acquisition and sales, parts and maintenance, and aircraft charter and management services.

The international committee is charged with growing the association's profile throughout the world and positively influencing hundreds of global pre-owned aircraft transactions with a focus on transparency and integrity. Kuliavas replaces founding chair of the IADA international committee Zipporah Marmor, vice president of aircraft transactions at ACASS in Montreal, Canada.

Marmor, who was named chair of the entire IADA organisation in October 2022, formed the international committee to increase the roster of internationally based dealers and aid them in developing processes that ensure transparency and integrity in the sale of pre-owned aircraft around the world. IADA is a powerful collective force influencing and shaping the pre-owned aircraft transaction industry.

“IADA is grateful for the leadership of Stan Kuliavas in continuing the mission that Zipporah Marmor began with formation of the international committee,” says executive director Wayne Starling. “Its members from around the world are dedicated to developing standards for efficient, effective and ethical business aircraft transactions.”

Some 96 per cent of IADA dealers do business in North America, 55 per cent of dealers operate in Europe, 49 per cent are active in Latin America, 46 per cent do business in Asia and the Pacific region, and 41 per cent work in the Middle East and Africa. IADA's dealers consist of the top 12 per cent of the world's experts who handle 46 per cent of used business aircraft sales. IADA accredited dealers buy and sell more aircraft by dollar volume than the rest of the world's dealers combined, annually averaging over 1,100 transactions.

Alongside Kuliavas, the roster of the IADA international committee also includes professional pre-owned aircraft transaction professionals from around the world:

London-based Jetcraft senior vice president sales, EMEA Pascal Bachman;

Chesterfield, Missouri-based Meisinger Aviation vice president and director of aircraft sales Kirk Blomgren;

Toluca, Mexico-based Aerolineas Ejecutivas aircraft sales director Franco Curiel;

Dubai-headquartered JetHQ Partners chairman Ted Farid;

Bellingham, Washington-based Shepherd Aero senior operations controller Warren Lovell;

Hong Kong-based Asian Sky Group director Jeffrey C Lowe; and

Denver, Colorado-based Elliott Jets executive sales director Pat Searle.

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