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5G interference survey lets operators weigh in to Duncan
There has been much concern about the expansion of 5G C-band interference, and Duncan's survey will show the company how to better prepare customers, and the industry, for proposed requirements for compliance.
Duncan Aviation is asking business aircraft operators to advise on readiness for 5G mandates.

Duncan Aviation has recently developed a survey to help measure how aware business aircraft operators are about 5G interference and how they are preparing for the expansion of 5G in and around airport operation areas on 1 July, 2023.

The survey can be located at

“Duncan Aviation works to stay informed on mandates and directives that will have an impact on operators of business class aircraft,” explains Lincoln, Nebraska-based completions and modifications sales manager Nate Klenke. “Although 5G interference has been discussed at length with regards to commercial class aircraft, there has been limited discussion surrounding business and general aviation. We would like to ask for help from business operators to better understand how we can best prepare our customers and the industry for proposed requirements for compliance.”

On 7 December, 2021 the FAA issued AD 2021-23-12 addressing operational limitations for low visibility approaches and how they will be applied through NOTAM announcements. More recently, the FAA has acted to release a Notice of Proposed Rule making (NPRM) with proposed guidelines for all transport and commuter category aircraft equipped with radio (also known as radar) altimeters. This NPRM outlines proposed changes to allow for continued safe operation in the 5G frequency environments.

Results from this survey will help Duncan Aviation educate operators and bring awareness to the challenges and requirement for continued operation in 5G environments. As more information becomes available, Duncan Aviation will continue to update operators with relevant data.

The FAA, the aviation industry, telecommunications companies and their regulators have been discussing and weighing the concerns of the expansion of 5G C-band interference for years, in the US and internationally. Recent dialogue has helped to establish information sharing between aviation and telecommunications sectors and newly agreed measures to reduce the risk of disruption, but these issues are ongoing and will not be resolved overnight.

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