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Verijet takes delivery of three new Cirrus SF50s
Three brand-new SF50 G2+ Vision Jets have joined the Verijet fleet. All three jets passed FAA inspection with flying colours and were put into revenue service soon after.
Don Dodson, Richard Kane and Peter Pahygiannis with one of the new SF50s from Cirrus Aircraft.

Opa Locka, Florida-headquartered Cirrus Vision Jet fleet operator and AI-powered air taxi service Verijet has taken delivery of three brand-new SF50 G2+ Vision Jets.

All Verijet flights are 100 per cent carbon neutral, empowering eco-friendly travellers to fly whenever they choose, depart from airports closest to their home or office and arrive closer to their final destination.

Verijet's co-founders CEO Richard Kane and chief experience officer Allison Ortiz Kane, as well as vice president of operations Don Dobson, director of operations Pete Pahygiannis and A&P Jared Scharlach, took delivery of the G2+ Vision Jets. Two were delivered in Knoxville, Tennessee while the other was delivered on a frigid day in late December at the Cirrus Aircraft facility in Duluth, Minnesota.

Kane says: "These G2+ machines are suitable for service in any geography or weather condition in the US, including high and hot performance during heat waves or winter weather conditions. Cirrus would never deliver any SF50s out of Duluth in December if the SF50 couldn't handle zero degrees."

All three jets passed FAA inspection with flying colours and were put into revenue service soon after. The first passengers enjoyed a smooth ride and a particularly memorable maiden flight experience. New Vision Jets will continue to roll off the assembly line.

"It is a mixture of seeing the pride in the faces of the Cirrus employees, from the CEO to the sales employees to the line personnel who all take pride in what they have produced, and then there is the excitement Verijet folks experience seeing the new aircraft ready to fly," says VP of operations Don Dodson. "It's like getting the new sports car you always wanted, only much better. It's knowing we will soon begin operating another Vision Jet, the most fuel-efficient and safest jet made today. Verijet is proud to make the Vision Jet the exclusive fleet jet."

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