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Stehlik to lead government and special programmes for Duncan
After 26 years with Duncan, Terry Stehlik is excited to work directly with customers again, taking ownership of projects from start to finish. Her background in government programmes will serve her well.
Programme manager for government and special programmes Terry Stehlik.

Terry Stehlik has accepted the position of programme manager for government and special programmes at Duncan Aviation's full-service facility in Lincoln, Nebraska. Stehlik has recently celebrated her 26th anniversary at the company, and in this new position she will start by managing a multi-year contract for a large fleet of aircraft.

“I'll serve as the primary point of contact between the customer and our internal team to ensure the programme expectations and metrics are met," she says. "Providing our customers with a single point of contact who coordinates communication among the production teams lets customers focus on their aircraft instead of having to remember who they dealt with in which shop. Additionally, it's my responsibility to ensure that we stay in compliance with Federal Acquisition Regulations and Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations on every project.”

These acquisition regulations are related to government procurement in the US and refer to contracts issued by the United States military and NASA, as well as by US civilian federal agencies.

For the last 14 years, she's worked as a government contracts manager and facility security officer, so she knows the issues that face government and special programmes pretty well already.

“We're pleased Terry has accepted this new opportunity. Her background in government programmes, along with her great interpersonal savvy, organisational skills and strong customer service will serve her well in this new position,” says manager of government and special programmes Dave Shipperbottom.

Having started her career at Duncan Aviation in 1996 as a credit analyst in accounts receivable, Stehlik spent 12 years working primarily with aviation industry original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). After she moved to the government and special programmes office in 2008, she gained a great deal of knowledge about the workings of government contracts and Department of Defense security requirements so the learning curve for this new position won't be quite as steep.

“I'm excited about this opportunity because I get to work directly with customers again,” says Stehlik. “I'm looking forward to talking to potential customers and vendors and sharing Duncan Aviation's many capabilities. Taking ownership of projects from start to finish is personally rewarding, and I learn from each and every project.”

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