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Business jet market steadies as 2023 approaches
A very active December for business aircraft resale dealers is capping a powerful year for members of IADA, who completed more than 1,200 business aircraft transactions worth $8 bn in Jan-Nov 2022.

IADA members bought and sold more than 1,200 business aircraft worth $8 billion in the first 11 months of the year according to statistics from IADA. And the December business pace has intensified further, with more inventory to choose from and the pending expiration of 100 per cent bonus depreciation in the US, the most active market in the world.

While IADA's Fourth Quarter Market Report won't be released until January, an early projection indicates that once the year ends, the organisation's resale experts could conduct over 1,320 deals worth more than $8.8 billion dollars.

The stunningly robust year will surpass a surprisingly strong 2021, which saw used business aircraft sales rebound mightily while available aircraft dropped precipitously from March 2020, when the pandemic induced a brief market collapse. IADA members are seeing signs that 2023 could be normalising, depending on the world's economies and regional stability.

“The signals that we're seeing from the broker-dealers in our group and our service providers are that the markets are beginning to normalise and buyers are starting to become more rational. The frenzy of the last 12-24 months has calmed down quite a bit, and we see this as healthy for our industry,” says chair and ACASS vice president, aircraft transaction Zipporah Marmor. “Aircraft are not appreciating any more at an unsustainable rate as they were for many quarters, which was creating some wonderful times and also a lot of challenges for different types of buyers and sellers. We do think the first half of 2023 will be strong as we're seeing some buyers waiting to see what happens after the 100 per cent US bonus depreciation is no longer on the table and the rush to close at the year end is over. And, of course, we are seeing increased inventory.”

Marmor is the first internationally-based broker to lead the organisation in its 30 plus years of existence, reflecting the association's emphasis on global reach. Her leadership will include a newly formed international IADA committee developing further relationships around the world.

During 2022, IADA extended its global profile by joining the Asian Business Aviation Association (AsBAA), based in Hong Kong. Membership of AsBAA expands IADA's organisational visibility to greater China and southeast Asia. IADA continued its relationships with several other business aviation organisations around the world, and its members continue to monitor the global geopolitical situations and economies.

“The war in Ukraine and the actions in Russia have affected activity in Europe. China's COVID policy has affected business aviation a lot in Asia, certainly where there were very limited, if not totally restricted, movements,” says Marmor. “Over the last 12 to 24 months that gave us inventory. We sold aircraft out of China in great numbers and we're continuing to do so, primarily selling into the US. These are all factors that are really important in our industry, and we'll see what comes down the line.”

The association grew to 52 accredited dealers in 2022, adding several new international-based members, extending its footprint overseas and adding a new OEM member who found the relationships built with IADA dealers valuable to its aircraft resale programmes. In addition, it welcomed many more IADA-verified Products and Services members. With this growth, there are now 81 Products and Services members of IADA.

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