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Sustainability appointment puts Wisk ahead
Wisk has appointed a new head of sustainability and achieved certification as net carbon zero in New Zealand.
Head of sustainability Daniela Schaff.
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Wisk Aero has appointed Daniela Schaff as its head of sustainability. In this newly created position, she will oversee global sustainability efforts and the implementation of a comprehensive sustainability strategy that will include the creation of a circular supply chain, implementing steps that further reduce the company's carbon footprint and developing processes that foster sustainable design decisions.

“We are excited to have Daniela take on this new role,” says CEO Gary Gysin. “She has been instrumental in advancing Wisk's sustainability efforts prior to officially becoming our new head of sustainability. Her passion and expertise in sustainability will continue to be a critical element in ensuring that our mission to bring everyday flight to everyone is safe for both people and the environment.”

In December, Wisk New Zealand achieved net carbon zero certification through Toitū, a provider of carbon and environmental programmes. Toitū's net carbon zero certification allows Wisk to accurately measure greenhouse gas emissions and implement strategies to manage, reduce and offset impacts. Additionally, the company's carbon footprint, emissions reductions and offsets have been independently verified and meet or exceed international standards and best practices, including ISO 14064 Carbon Footprint Certification. This initial certification allows Wisk to have a reliable benchmark to set future actionable goals to reduce emissions.

“Becoming Wisk's head of sustainability is an extremely proud achievement,” says Schaff. “Our certification as net carbon zero in New Zealand is a first step in our broader mission to ensure that our operations, both today and in the future, are safe for people and the planet. We look forward to continuing our global sustainability leadership in the advanced air mobility and broader aviation industries.”

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