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Azerra goes from green dream to exchange scheme
Whether to avoid or compensate for carbon emissions, Azerra helps companies navigate the responsible management of routes to net-zero. Next it plans an online spot trading carbon market exchange.
CEO and co-founder Puja Mahajan.

After six months of operations, Azzera has provided an update on progress and an outlook for the future. The company is a provider of carbon offsetting solutions that offer aircraft owners and operators a pathway to net-zero by assisting in emissions measurement, compliance management and reduction/compensation. Its services include management of EU emissions trading system (EU-ETS) compliance; UK emissions trading system (UK-ETS) compliance; SAF certificate purchasing and tracing; and triple-verified carbon credits for compensation.

Once emissions are calculated, aircraft owners and operators can immediately become carbon-neutral using Azzera's online retail marketplace. Each offset project has been rigorously assessed and approved by a team of experts. Clients may also work offline on reduction and compensation strategies to implement tailor-made pathways to net-zero. The company supports clients in reporting and communicating sustainability initiatives.

Azzera is currently building the next phase of its evolution: a scalable, cloud-based SaaS platform that offers a direct path to sustainability for business aviation clients. Fully integrated with flight operations data, it will automate CO2 emissions calculation and reporting. Azzera will also offer instant access to carbon markets and SAF while using blockchain technology to deliver full transaction and reporting transparency.

Highlights from the first six months of business operations (May - November 2022) include:

- Strategic investor/partner: Azzera teamed up with Montreal-based technology company Innovobot to develop its SaaS platform for release in Q2 2023.

- Recognition: Selected for F10 inaugural Climate Fintech Incubator Program in the Nordics and Baltics and subsequently selected as top start-up to represent cohort at the Singapore Global FinTech Hackcelerator, hosted by Singapore Monetary Authority.

- Capacity building: With established access to more than 12 million tonnes of certified carbon credits, Azzera has positioned itself to scale, while retaining the flexibility to offer bespoke client solutions.

- Tradeshow and conference participation: Azzera has presented at or attended EBACE, NBAA-BACE, JETNET iQ Summit, MACE, etc.

- Community: Active NBAA, EBAA and CBAA members and substantial following on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

“We are very pleased with the traction that we have generated in just six months,” says CEO and co-founder Puja Mahajan. “We have achieved the objectives outlined in our business plan and have established ourselves as thought leaders on sustainability within the global business aviation community. Next year, one of our biggest deliverables will be the launch of our online exchange providing direct access to carbon and SAF markets. We remain well-capitalised thanks to pre-seed funding and look forward to discussions with select prospective investors in the coming year.

“Azzera is addressing an existential challenge to the business aviation industry: the adoption of viable sustainability solutions for immediate implementation. For example, by 2027, ICAO's Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA) will oblige aircraft owners and operators to measure and compensate for their CO2 emissions. Companies that do not address these challenges adequately in advance of regulatory deadlines will jeopardise their operations. Azzera has a unique vision, a diverse and expert team, and will deliver the world's first centralised spot trading carbon market exchange tailored to business aviation. We are working hard to ensure that we are ready to support our industry colleagues.”

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